Libra 4°

With Sun in Cancer in the seventh house, you can be predisposed to seeing yourself too much through others’ eyes, and must make an effort to be more directive an objective in your outlook. “What other people think about you is none of your business” are words of wisdom to live by. On the upside, you are incredibly sensitive to others’ feelings and empathetic. You should applaud yourself for being caring, but be careful not to fall into too much care-taking.

You have a Capricorn rising which helps cut through the emotionality in your make-up. This provides you a high-status lens on the world and the ability to hold yourself up in high esteem. You may be saddled with responsibility, especially in your youth, made to act as an adult before your time. As you age, you grow down!

The Moon conjunct Neptune in your twelfth house, in Sagittarius, is a highly spiritual signature. You are probably more psychic than we are. At the very least you are intuitive to the max, and impressionistic in your approach to life—better off letting direction and opportunity emerge rather than asserting any kind of strict agenda. Flashes of genius happen in dreams.

Uranus, dignified in the eleventh house, opposing Chiron in the fifth poses a challenges to your creativity. You may feel a need to play (too) safe in the act of creation and to suppress freakier elements of your nature overall. It is your unique vision and eccentricities, however, that are your artistic strength. You need to get over feelings of shame or blame for having expressed yourself boldly in the past.

A conjunct of Jupiter and Mercury in your psychological eighth house T-square this opposition. Narrative therapy is especially helpful in getting to the root of pain that can rear its head and derail you. You want to dig deeper into inner dialogue as opposed to oversharing on the same topics with others. A person with this signature definitely has a story to tell, one that is profoundly personal but has universal resonance.

With Saturn in the ninth house there can be discomfort surrounding travel or even higher learning. These may trigger feelings of abandonment or nightmares regarding the succesful completion of projects. Hard to say whether it’s nature or nurture, but the environmental challenges that might have occured during intense periods of learning—or having to make geographical moves, or changing schools at certain times, have created a sense of dis-ease around leaving the safety of bubbles you’ve created for yourself.

You must realize that you are your own authority and you are not seeking approval on any level. You must dare to suck and dare to fail. Only then will you make gorgeous inroads into uncharted creative territory. Be as exaggerated as you feel!

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