Libra 3°

Since nobody ever reads this, and I’m not going to name names, I’m going to use this opportunity to work on a few charts for audience members attending our Xmas show (who already sent us their info in September!)

With Sun in Virgo in the fifth house, you’re a consummate creative working in tangible (Virgo is mutable-earth sign) media rather than the abstract. The Sun opposes Jupiter in Pisces in the eleventh house, which can make your creative output or appeal feel at odds with more widespread appeal or acceptance (in the short term); but the trick is to allow yourself to be “seen”, to think bigger to be bigger. Jupiter in Pisces can amplify a need to escape and to become lost in crowds or the fog of your own imagination. Jupiter also opposes Venus in the fourth house of, among other attributes, your home and private life. We imagine you have a fairly femmy aesthetic with a surplus of gorgeous things like ornaments, pillows, jewelry, make-up and collectibles. You might say it’s a crowded aesthetic, by no means spare.

Taurus rising gives you a rather innocent lens on the world and you might idealize your childhood or the trappings thereof. Since the ruler of your rising sign rules your entire chart, we double back to Venus to check it’s influence on you: As it makes square aspect to Neptune in your seventh house, this can have a bit of an arrested-development effect on your notion of one on one relationships. You are a romantic, even fantasist when it comes to relationships, but you can have difficulty with the more, shall we say, intense elements of intimacy. To coin a phrase by a dear friend: You want to keep it light and keep it moving in love. You yearn for deep connection but you aren’t easily wedged out of your comfort zone.

We find the healer, Chiron, in your twelfth house, which means you can keep deep-seated pain very much to yourself. Emotional wounds, especially, aren’t ones you readily acknowledge or share with others. Saturn in your third house suggests that there may have been a strictness in your upbringing or schooling, that structure was highlighted. Often children who come from military families have this signature. Saturn is in Cancer so you might have had to keep strict reins on emotions and, now, in adulthood, feel a need to more easily access your feelings.

In contract you have the Moon in the fourth house in Leo which suggests that, at your core, you are quite a strong person with important passions you pursue. We also see that your more nurturative parent might have been quite fiercely protective and championed your desire to slip into (and stay in) the realm of your imagination.

With Mars and Pluto conjunct (they operate as a team) in your fifth house, you are no stranger to difficulties; and have likely encountered a series of abrupt “endings” in your life whereby whole chapters have been suddenly, and not always willingly, put behind you. That said, this has enabled you with ability to move on from any struggles, a hallmark of your status as a survivor.

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