Libra 2°

Although life is mostly entropy, especially, now, on sweeping scales, there is no going back. Things were better before but we can not recapture what is lost. We may say we have no part in it, but it is untrue and unwise to do so. Rampant narcissism is part of the equation; because as you’re all staring at your reflections, humanity is being exterminated in the literal and figurative senses, both. Even the many of the so-called activists I encounter are sadly also in it for the attention; they’ve latched onto the term to gain some kind identity but if you call yourself an activist you probably aren’t really one. I don’t call myself an activist—I would have no right to do so—neither do I hide my head in the sand or lose myself in the mirror. I belong to part of the population that is completely at a loss. I’m an idealist losing the war against greed who is fed up with trying to live in a country, in a world, where even those who are purposely cheated and disempowered don’t even realize it and instead support their oppressors. I’m blue in the face; and selfishly I just want to slip away to some remote shore or woodland retreat and not have to fight any more good fights. Everything is an argument. Will & Grace is an argument that seems to be weighted as much as the debate on gun control. I’m fatigued by my own opinions. And that was probably somebody’s goal. I long for increasing anonymity and genuine experience. I want to drop out or into something new and distant. I want to find a way to stop seeing the world as cruel and claustrophobic. I want to go fetal with my binky.

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