Pisces 23° (March 13)

Up at four, got some water, took some gummies, put on GOT episode I’ve seen four thousand times and promptly fell asleep. Cleaned up had some yoghurt and berries and made some smoked salmon goat cheese microgreen sandwiches. We hopped in car and Louie drove which was good as my back is really out of whack. We got to the place after making a few wrong turns and the experience was actually pretty remarkable—such nice people and functionally so together. Also the place was empty and nobody cared about comorbidities. We were out of there in fifteen minutes, ate half a sandwich, then headed to Orleans to do some shopping. We are going to take the rest of the day off after doing some more house cleaning and unpacking all the goodies. I will make scallops and leeks for dinner. And we bought ice cream which we never eat. 

The following blocks of text are exceprts from my Blagues, nos. 1726-1730. I am reading through all of my Blagues, five per day, and posting some samples here. Now, in my sixth year of writing this Blague, by the time I get to my seventh, I will have journeyed through all the daily Blagues of my first five years. If that’s confusing I apologize. Year seven, I’ll only have to read through year six, once a day.

Paris, Day Four of Sixty: I feel edgy and dissatisfied. We are meeting Ellen today at two so I will set off for a long walk in the Les Halles direction stopping for a little something to tide me over—I went a bit too far, actually, and need to get myself back— and I’ll grab some rouleaux printemps on Rambuteau. We get some instructions from Ellen about the trash and so forth and she doesn’t know how to get the dishwasher to go either. That all goes fine. It was an edgy day and S. took herself to a sort of health food restaurant for lunch. My arm pain is acting up again. I cannot believe how lost in the moment I was. I end up checking out the Bains du Marais and having a tiny beer out on my own. I come back and we decide, though it is raining, that we will stroll all the way to the Café de la Nouvelle Mairie. I have clams and poireaux and saucisse. We have gateaux fromage blanc and mousse. On the agenda to write today is the following:

Something about any delusion of guys being in love with you. Or this can be added into the other bit. We can also talk about the shed and the lake and how Virgos tend to spend too much time in the former and not enough in the later. Because the sign of Virgo is all about habits and behavior people of the sign can be overly administrative in their lives, tinkering with themselves (as we mentioned regarding self help) or being to in service in their lives and works to the needs of others, playing the helper, the fixer, the assistant, the apprentice, defining themselves by how much they can organize and administer to the lives and careers of others (which more often than not leads to more Virgo resentment). Do less and be more.

We took a car home from the restaurant last evening. It looks like the Jimin work will come into play. I am now, a week later, filling in some gaps here. I’m not sure what to say but I know I need to get some things flowing. It is still the beginning of the year and I am going to accomplish some greatness, early on. I truly want to let go of all the pain and resentment. And the false friendships especially. I mentioned receiving a weird email from Stefan after years of not speaking. In the coming days I will write him back and say I think it was weird and solicitous. And I will find out in the process that he has become an astrologer and is working for a newspaper on the Cape. What is wrong with people? That is a rhetorical question. He cut and pasted into his email this old exchange between us from 2015 or some such where he references our working together. I really don’t want him in my forcefield. Then again I feel that way about a number of people these days. I am cleaning house on all levels and, I’m going to write myself through this and out the other side. I know what it is I want to do and I want to do it. First I want to focus on the pendants to the enth degree. The rest is just a matter of information. In some ways the excitement of the trip is causing me to fuck up a bit. On the other hand I learn as we encounter third parties that I am not the one who is really off. I thought the best way to articulate what went down with that freak would be to write to O.

Paris, Day Five of Sixty: Spent morning in working and then the handyman came to fix the television and the broken window which was newly so due to the strong winds which were beautiful and rainy. I managed to find a valve for the dishwasher so we can check that off the list.We had a lunch of chicken, beets and potato leftovers. I took out the trash and did some shopping at Monop and at the vegetable people then came back and set up the kitchen a bit more. Galoule. I have been awake since three o’clock and can’t do much of anything. We decide to walk up to the third and have some biologique wine at Barav, where we end up having beaucoup and eating a cheese and charcuterie plate and some raviolis and crudities ending in another chocolate mousse and fromage blanc. We drank a bunch of reds but there was this white we tried that I will go back for tomorrow. We met some nice people at the restaurant, Isabelle from Belleville. I think she put her number in my phone.  I do have a great deal to write today, unfortunately I won’t get to it. On the agenda to write today is the following

Paris, Day Six of Sixty: Book and Consultancy promotion day. Spent the morning writing and cooking. Had some incredible Greek yoghurt and strawberries and coffee. We will speak with A. and Guglia by Facetime or Skype today. Maybe we could reach out to press who will be attending shows and let them know that we are here and start talking about who the jewelry writers and editors are. I should ask Bryony and all other journailists in London too. That might be a great place to start. I’m pretty excited about the television thing but I’m so braced for disappointment so much of the tlime that it’s hard to gauge exactly what will happen. On the agenda to write today is the following

Paris, Day Seven of Sixty: I did a little shoppage at Monop’ and the Caviste and made a soup and otherwise put things to rights while S. had a hair appointment. When she came back we went back out and got some paper and other supplies at BHV; and then went to do a little more food shopping only to realize that stores won’t reopen until later in the day. So I just keep working on these ideas for the book which I will finish up on the train on Friday. We bought some lovely lamb and sides from the Greek shop and veggies and herbs and such. S. has drycleaning and cobbler to sort out. When I get back it seems the garlic didn’t make it into my bag, so I run back out, just as A. arrived. I come back and marinate the lamb while we talk and drink standing up in the kitchen. There is more wine than we need and we might drink a bit too much of it. We will stay up until one in the morning, and I will wake up on the sofa and drag myself into bed.

Paris, Day Eight of Sixty. I didn’t wake up in time to see A. off but I did manage to shout goodbye from the bedroom. Apparently they were up for at least an hour this morning rumbling around but I heard nothing. I’m loving earplugs. We had a little coffee and set off to the Alliance Francaise for placement tests. I thought it would be a quick affair but it took hours. I thought I was doing fantastically but actually I wasn’t being viewed as proficient at all. S. thought she was doing terribly and yet (of course) she was testing way better. She was even given a harder test than I took. I basically told the lady testers that if I didn’t get to be in the same class with her that I wasn’t going to take a class at all. So they let me go into the same class which is going to be difficult for me and probably too easy for S. My body feels strangely loose and strong and I’m trying, even on the walk across the river, to have a more athletic stance. There is a huge line to register, then, after we get through the sorting hat process. They might not be quick in France but they are thorough. Because we have given over to the length of time things take, and because I do have a soup waiting at home, we decide to take our lunch at the Café de la Nouvelle Mairee. I have oysters and steak tartare and S. has a radicchio salad and a quiche. We have a little pot of red. And then we walk back and touch down in the apartment for a bit before heading back out to visit the hotel Nancy wants us to check out and we grab some wine and some ziplocks and such and then sit at La Fronde, which, it turns out, has organic wine—I had only had beer there before—along with having a diverse and attractive wait staff. We nearly literally bumped into Diane Pernet, which is fantastic because she was first on my list of folks to contact.

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