A “Materializing” Medium Giving A Seance comes as no surprise to me as an image found in Pisces, here at 23°. We are dealing here with the energy of Substantiation, giving vital energy to substantiate one’s (conscious) ideas or (unconscious) desires. Yesterday we saw Moses coming down the mountain on a mission with a mandate. Today we are seeing the one substantiate that mandate or special gift so that it might be of value others. Pisces’ motto is “I believe”; in this oracle we are seeing the substatiation of that belief. This symbol is ruled by Leo in a twelve-fold sequence, the sign of fixed-fire, a consolidation and concentation of spirit-energy. We mentioned yesterday that the previous sign of Cancer rules deliverance (the fourth astrolgoical house is both “the house you come from” and “the one you build for yourself”), it describes the promise and the passage. In Leo, the lion king monarch symoblizing the sigh, we wet up our dominion, our court, like King Arthur, drawing others to us around the round table. That energy of Leo when combined with that of Pisces gives substance, of fire, to this mutable-water sign which is, and pointedly so, steeped in non-material existence—mists and vapor and foam and fog and just some of the wispy ways one may interpret mutable-water, likewise as a primordial soup or slime or, again, that froth or foam, from whence life emerges. Pisces is the womb/tomb that will materialize, birth, make manifest. It is the realm of imagination—look around, there is nothing in your room that didn’t originate in someone’s imagination—and it is also the realm of magic, sharing more than an etymological link with imagination. Magic is believing. And this sometime psychic will tell you that one’s mediumship improves along the lines of ones belief in it.

The medium, like the monarch (Arthur), invites those to circle round the table. The king gives his life for his subjects, chief among them his knights and court. The medium gives of, sacrifices her very life force, making her body a conduit via which she can bring form to phenomena. This links to the lamb sacrifice of a few days back. If we are real, genuine, we will bring something of substance into this world, typically, via some sacrifice to ourselves. The medium is either for real or a fraud. Obviously, she is dealing in deception then our belief is unfounded. If however she is a real channel via which spirit may be made manifest what does that say about the ability of the human psyche, especially in light of the over-theme of evolution, a subject that keeps weaving in. Whereas, during the Aquarian stage of our journey around the wheel we were entertaining notions of enlightenment, something that we see in glimpses, in revelation—like Moses on that Mountain—now we are much more concerned with what we are doing with the power to which we have been exposed. Yesterday we saw Moses on his way down to lay down some new rules, consciously imposing a new paradigm for his people. Today the medium is the channel of the revelation, in form, to others; the medium herself might not remember what occured in the room. Chances are she won’t. It is the ultimate paradox in that the medium will be the only person “present” not to experience her great gift. She will have gone into a (Pisces-ruled) trance and allowed her own consciousness to take a proverbial power to make room for the proof of her belief. But she never gets to taste the pudding herself.

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