The meaning of the Sabian symbol at 24° Pisces, On A Small Island Surrounded By The Vast Expanse Of The Sea, People Are Seen Living In Close Interaction, is that of the need to consciously accept one’s own personal limitations in order to concentrate one’s energies and to live a centered and fulfilled life. Or so say the Sabian scholars. I really like the (Pisces) paradox of this oracle which is ruled by Virgo in a twelve-fold sequence, quite fitting given that sign’s association with humilty and service because in admitting one’s limitations, curtailing any hubris (pride being both a positive and negative element of the previous sign of Leo) one can actually go further to achieving happiness.

We all want things from life, and we might even have callings; and I’m the first person to condone going for the gusto when it comes to all that; but, by the same token, there is something to be said about not giving up, per se, but giving over to what life hands you as opposed to trying to make it into something it might not be. I’d love to be a singer. I’m not not a singer but I’m certainly not the most naturally gifted singer on the planet. Most probably, though I would love it if they did, audiences will not flock, filling concert arenas, to hear my reintrepretations of Randy Newmann songs, no matter how much joy it might bring me to warble away. So it isn’t so much a career as a pastime. I admit that limitation and stand to be much happier than I would be if I tried to make a singing career happen. Did I grow up thinking I would be an astrologer and an author? No. Astrology was a great interest of mine I would never have dreamed would make me a living. And yet it has. The subject is not not something I love (it’s all about the double negative); and it’s kind of fantastic that it has become my career. Could I have planned this. No. Life unfolded in this direction and I went with it and I’m very happy I did (not least of which because I get to sing live on stage in shows I write stepped in the subject of astrology).

We are all small islands in a limitless ocean of humanity. Our egos aren’t all bad. They serve (Virgo word) a function (Virgo word) as it sets boundaries around our selfhood where in the culture of our being—lets call it the character—can thrive. If we are always trying to be something more or other or better than we are, that culture of character cannot take hold. Another paradox: It is in knowing our limits, the boundaries of our ego and human character, that allow us to expand (through relationship with others) beyond those confines. Libra, which rules the seventh house of interpersonal relationships follows the Virgo sixth house, in one of a million expressions of Zodiacal logic. Virgo is about conscience, that inner barometer, a metaphoric digestion system, that helps us be honest and true about ourselves before we bring that self to others. I have a feeling that this randomly divined symbols won’t disappoint in the last gasps of the Zodiac and tomorrow will be very Libra-like on that score.

Our only job (also falls under the sixth sign-house of “work”) is to be ourselves. Knowing our limits is tantamount to not deluding ourselves. Pisces is all about belief and in making the impossible possible via that b-word; but it also points to the ways in which we are overly imaginative i.e. delusional, especially about ourselves. Only by knowing the parameters of self, understanding the compromises that need being made between what our fantasy of life is and living in on it’s own terms, are we then able to full interact with others and not isolate. And this is a big isolator talking here—honestly, if it weren’t for the constant interaction with clients, I could easily hide myself away. But that sort of (Pisces) isolationism only breeds delusion; when we are interacting with others, they perform a necessary reality check for us. In the extreme others can be detractors. But we’re not just talking self-to-other relationships here but self-to-universe. If the universe really wanted me to be a singer I would be, regardless of how I sounded. Randy Newmann and Bob Dylan are also singers though neither of them can really sing. I am what I am and you are what you are and thus we can interact. I can stop here, right?

Okay maybe not. So yesterday the little King Arthur in us set up a kingdom of sorts which really was that of a healthy self fueled (not ruled) by a sanguine ego. Today we recognize that we are not the only monarchs—that everyone is as noble in their spirit as are we. So me must float our little islands, with it’s natural boundaries, toward one another, making interactions that won’t be co-dependent because we are self-contained and complete and not needful of anyone to fill in any gaps. The questionable Tom Cruise is especially so for coining the co-dependent plea: “You complete me.” Sorry, no. I am already complete and so is everyone. And we have our limits. We can’t be everything. And we surely cannot be all things to all people. In our narcissistic, meglomaniacal world wherein everyone is trying to suck the air out of any given room and not just pop-stars with clothing lines and their own bottled water or, don’t get me started, steaks; but everyone on your Facebook feed jockeying for emojis and the next hit of validation. Stop. Have some boundaries. Know your limits. It’s the only way exceed your limitations.

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