A Religious Organization Succeeds In Overcoming The Corrupting Influence of Perverted Practices And Materialized Ideals isn’t quite what I expected from the last Libra-ruled (in a twelve-fold sequence) Pisces Sabian Symbol, at 25° of the sign. Perhaps I’m underestimating the spiritual power of Libra’s cosmic energy—maybe I’ve relegated it all too readily to the function of the mind; or I have expressed bias over the fact that Libra is all about abstract ideals, the Scales being the only inanimate in the Zodiac (meaning “cirle of animals”, humans included, sharing the same etymolgical root as the word: zoo). Anyway, here we see the power of the soul intervening and overriding the workings of the mind, where any perversion of ideals “lives”. This is the other shoe dropping on yesterday’s self-contained image of wo/men being islands. Today we are entertaining the notion that we are all churches and our individual souls are our god.

Most of us have lost touch with the unadulterated soul of our being and live according to certain dogma that has nothing to do with true spirituality. Look at the hypocrisy of gun toting anti-abortionists. Religious fanaticism is an oxymoron to my mind. Spirituality would never see one dictating dogma or creed to others. If we all have our own soul (god) than worship is a private affair and needn’t be dogmatized, stigmatized, politicized or legislated. Our habits are often devoid of meaning, more empty routine than energized ritual. We don’t chop wood and carry water; we are dragged through our days, put upon by our chores or needing to delegate to housekeepers, nannies, personal assistants and the like. Why? To have more time to shop or put on make-up or make the money necessary to have all such help (trappings of a Plutocrat). I’m still an old-school hippy in my heart. I actually enjoy making my own food and nobody is going to clean the baseboards in my bedroom to rid it of allergens quite like I can, and do, which takes me all of fifteen minutes a week. It’s exercise and it’s meditation and it’s joy. It’s not routine, it’s ritual self-appreciation; and if you know me, you know that I roll around every nook and cranny of every dictionary definition of that word.

When I day dream, I don’t think about mansions and yachts. I am not Elmer J. Fudd. I generally think about some small clean quiet house set somewhere in the woods or by the sea in New England or France or Ireland, unornamented, if not a bit ascetic, and spotlessly clean and appointed with full bowls of fruit and flowers and a pantry stocked with spices and fresh herbs with which I make meals and potions and elixirs and such and live without care, unwastefully if not frugally, and I have my health and happiness bolstered by regular yoga and meditation and, here’s the kicker, I have the luxury of just sleeping and waking and reading books and playing piano or other instruments, and strolling down to a beach for a swim and lying in the sun with a cool breeze and that to me is my idea of success and bliss and fulfillment. I suppose in this image whatever I set up as my business is lucrative enough to afford the natural simplicity of all of the above. And in this revelry which really shouldn’t be so terribly difficult to achieve I have a deeper sense of my own personal god, that is, my very own slice of divinity: my soul.

I thank this oracle, today, because it has helped me visualize what I have only vaguely felt. And so the positive, unperverted, that is to say purged and purified vision is what is called for here at this degree of the Zodiac; and for me it does portray that peaceful—harmonious, balanced, minimal—Libran idealism but only in so far as that illustrates the illumination of my soul yearning. This symbol is meant to bring cartharsis and strangely enough it has. I suddenly have a much clearer sense of why I’m doing what I’m doing. And I’m really happy not only to have put it in words but to have this inner vision. I have never needed very much and I like that about myself. If anything, I think my ego has been more on the deflated than inflated side most of my life; and I suddenly feel thankful for that. We are always in some kind of crisis even if it isn’t dramatic. Sometimes it’s a quiet seemingly insignificant crisis (crossroads) we come to; and when the decision looks easy and doable and there need be nothing in the extreme needing to happen, one can more indiscreetly slip a little further in the direction of one’s destiny and let any perverted practices, which might have become a mainstay, fall away.

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