Watching The Very Thin Moon Crescent Appearing At Sunset, Diffrent People Realize That The Time Has Come To go Ahead With Their Different Projects seems quite a modern symbo to have been divined in the 1920s, but there it is at Pisces 26°, ruled by Scorpio in a twelve-fold seequence. I suppose the Moon unearthed something that was lying dormant, which matches the Scorpio energy of excavation. I also like the fact that the same thing happened to a group of people which activated different things—this perfectly expresses the paradox of the Pisces energy. The crescent Moon, whether on the wax or the wane, signifies the start of something. Post Full Moon or New Moon the message is the same, we are busting out with new energy and this is a monthly occurance—you do know that the word month is named for the Moon, right, that we celebrate each Mo(o)nth?

Inspired with the opportunity to expand a long new lines, as individuals we react according to our own personal needs and characters. The impetus will be the same but the reactions will be as varied as our human natures. This speaks to our living in a society in which we are not forced to conform—though we recognize that this is not true for all humans living on this planet. If only all cultures glorified individualism and accepted the fact that others shouldn’t be compelled to conform to a single reaction. This is hitting on a major election day in this country. Even as a liberal democrat living in a so-called free culture we witness bullying and infighting even on our so-called progressive side of the aisle. I find this disturbing to say the least. Scorpio is all about mind control, psychic possession and it’s “We Have” motto can speak to a shared psychology in terms of what ideals and ideologies people together possess. Scorpio people, more than others, do expect those around them to have/share the same values, ethics and other such assets.

Totalitarianism isn’t something had on a large scale, on the model of early 20th century governments that have, for the most part, dismanted and democratized. Let alone the fact that it still exists in our world—many country’s living under dictatorships—I dare say the trend might be making a comeback. But what we are meant to focus on here, for the most part, is totalitarianism on the personal level. The tyrrany of needing others to think as we do, which is something far more prevalent—this is a trend we encounter within our own families and social circles. And we all do it, expecting others to fall in line to our own thinking; and we must strive against this in our own personal natures, letting others act and react according to their own personal inspiration and intuition, symbolized by that Moon.

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