Here comes another Moon symbol. Today, The Harvest Moon Illumines A Clear Autumnal Sky is the symbol at 27° Pisces, ruled by Sagittarius in a twelve-fold sequence. Sagittarius, ruled by Jupiter, the planet of expansion, is all about bounty and it is one of the three autumnal signs. The Harvest Moon is typically a supermoon so it fits that sign’s love of largesse. Where this astrological degree appears in our charts it asks us to take stock of not only what we are reaping, and what we’ve sown, but where we have failed to do the former as to enjoy the latter. It comes after yesterday’s New Moon image which is kind of crazy. The keyword of this image is consummation.

No matter how we prepare, the inevitable is just that. It’s not true that it’s never too late to positively impact an outcome. You can be ill-prepared. We like to say around these parts that you must prepare for your good. You don’t want opportunity or some full fruition to come a knocking when you’ve not properly prepped yourself. So take today’s oracle to heart and stop all the wicked ways in which you are not showing up for yourself. You want to be in tip top condition on all metaphysical levels. And, more than that, you want to know that you’re in tip top condition. That is doing your part in the equation for fulfilling your destiny.

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