It is a bit spooky that we have all these Moon images in a row. At 28° Pisces we find A Fertile Garden Under The Full Moon Reveals A Variety Of Full-Grown Vegetables. This is ruled by Capricorn, the original goat-horn of plenty, containment being a natural energy of this Saturn ruled sign. Whereas the previous sign of Sagitarrius, ruled by expansive Jupiter is all about growth and more, more, more; Saturn-ruled Capricorn contains (not limits) the bounty so to prevere it and keep it pure. And so we have the full satisfaction of our basic needs, which is all any of us should ever hope for. The rest is, as they say, gravy, which can be a savory name for greed. There isn’t a hell of a lot to say about this except that abundance is really that which satsifies our requirements. It’s hard for many in our modern world to know when enough is indeed enough. We can all become addicted to the amassing of wealth or content, but that can take away from the experience of just living life given the fact our basics are covereed. A fertile garden and a variety of full grown vegetables, and one can almost see the skin of the veggies glimmering in the moonlight. This oracle speaks to Capricorn’s motto “I use” which is to say, “I don’t waste.” Metaphorically I see the garden, like the full cornucopia, as a symbol of faith which is at root, and is the purest manifestation, of abundance.

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