It’s our second to last entry of the year. And I am finding eleventh hour proof that my overlay of a twelve-fold sequence stood up to the entire test of this full one-year time. At Pisces 29° we find Light Breaking Into Many Colors Through A Prism, that rainbow signifying diversity and differentiation which is endemic to the sign of Aquarius, ruler of this Pisces oracle. Being an air sign Aquarius is analytical and it is this power of the mind that is necessary for “the formulation of life processes in their many aspects.” Dane Rudhyar, scholar of the Sabian Symbols, asserts that cycles of existence begin in unity and end in what he calls “multi-unity.” The point being that the only true absolute in existence is the relationship between the one and the many. Even as we return to the one—Rudhyar uses humus as an example of organic material breaking down to create one substance or rich abundant soil, from that we know that a mass variety of organisms will grow, a nod to yesterday’s symbol of the vegetable garden at full ripeness. Just as that signaled the end of one cycle (harvest) the seeds of the new harvest exist in the old one, ad infinitum, back through time. So too does diversity and differentiation exist within any single life form or experience. We are in some heady esoteric territory here. But that was to be expected as we near the end of this journey around the Sun.

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