Both the signs of Cancer and Capricorn draw on the archetypal power of Moses, Cancer on the baby Moses flowing down that cardinal-water river, and Capricorn on the adult Moses scaling that cardinal-earth mountain. Today’s Sabian symbol at Pices 22°, ruled by the sign of Cancer in a twelve-fold sequence is A Prophet Carrying Tablets Of The New Law Is Walking Down The Slopes Of Mount Sinai. Like yesterday where we saw a little girl playing with a lamb perhaps resaging the sacrifice of Mary and her little lamb of god, Jesus, here we have the inverse image of the end-game of the Moses story in a Cancer-ruled image, that sign being ruled by the Moon (the mother principle) just as Moses is sent down the river from one mother to another, not to mention the sign of Cancer’s association with Egypt, the Nile, Isis, Horus and the entire estate which forms the setting of Moses early life. In a sense we are seeing a prophesy of a prophet who never saw the future but whom was visited upon by God. But there is another connection: The water imagery of the river in the Moses story, of “deliverance” is the seed-thought of his delivering the Jews out of Egypt where water again plays a great role in the parting of the Red Sea, being delivered into the Promised Land. And the story of Noah, too, is set in water-world and is likewise a story of deliverance, and promise—taking up the baton of yesterday’s oracle’s energy of hope. Whether we are looking at Noah’s Ark or Moses’ Ark of the Covenant, they both carry the dictionary definition of that word in that it means: promise.

Cancer’s ruler Moon and the mother principle have deliverance inherent in their cosmic power—the moon waxes and wanes, the tides ebb and flow, we may be at sea but ultimately wash ashore. It’s why we have the end-story of Moses comin’ down the mountain with his list of commandments (Saturn, Capricorn’s ruler, governs rules and restrictions). The seed, embryo, fetus child, the proverbial bun in the Pisces womb/tomb oven is already encoded with its destiny. This is the mystery of astrology really. Clients come to us and we can tell them about life events that occured over their thus-far existence and they look at us, often slack jaw, with a cartoon bubble of “How did you know” over their heads. Well we do know how (by reading the person’s chart) though we don’t know why it is that we can see not only the nature but the nurture in an individuals natal astrology chart. But we do know to trust our interpretation and, really we are never any less suprised, thrilled, awe-struck than the client is by the accuracy of interpretation. Prophesy is inherent in all of us. We all will fulfill a destiny (sometimes with a little prodding or proper guidance) that was already spelled out in the spirtual dna as determined by the alignment of the stars. The metaphysical notion being that we chose our moment of birth to fulfill whatever that destiny points to. It’s one theory anyway.

What is Moses doing here? He’s bringing down to the human level the revelations of his peak (mountain) experience. Just as Jesus later does, Moses here is bringing a new version of the religion to the people. What does re-ligion mean? To re-link. A new covenant. It all lines up you see. We have New Rules (Bill Maher is a Capricorn by the way) but more than that, new rituals to work into a collective new design for living. The revelation will be ritualized. It’s personal and it’s practicable. This new ark is a vehicle, just like Noah’s, for deliverance (from evil, Amen). Stella and I have always thought that the Ten Commandments (she’s a Capricorn, too, the tenth sign incidentally) were a bit heavy handed. That maybe Moses might have done better in calling them the Ten Suggestions or Ten Tips but hey, he was a pretty heavy handed character as Capricorns tend to be.

Dane Rudhyar believes this symbol to be hinged on the question: What to do with your revelations and how to fulfill the mandate therein. I don’t agree. I think it’s deeper than that and goes back to the experience pre-birth. So I would re-phrase the question: How can we fulfill our preordained destiny(s)? First we need to isolate what it is or they are. I think the revelation might not be an event that happens at a later stage in life, on some moutain top, turning your hair white. I think the revelation is encoded inside all of us along with the mandate and the events of our lives, like Mother floating Moses down stream in hopes someone would find him, play a magical-mundane part because all actions are predetermined, in the larger sense. We all have a mandate and I find that it is typically our so-called weaknesses that determine what our strongest mandates are. Moses grew up walking like an Egyptian but he was found out to be a lowly Jew, which was, in this context, the ultimate weakness. So he didn’t just suck it up, he wore that assignation and made it his destiny to deliver not only himself but all his people from the bonds of human inequality. So, what are you doing?

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