Taurus 9° (April 29)

Danger Will Robinson.Very strange night of sleep. I had multiple dreams involving animals with human intelligence starting with a mouse with whom I made (loose) tea. That was an odd one, filled with dark woods leading onto a private compound and forest paths and gates and characters gathering for some kind of cult purpose. Very dark and mysterious. And then there was a dream in which I was sleeping—exciting sounding isn’t it—and I could feel animals moving underneath the covers but I could never quite catch them when I pull the blankets back. Until I did and there was a tiny hedgehog, a little furball that let me pet it. I had a dream about a talking hedgehog many years ago—it didn’t speak a language I knew but sort of one of screeching which was kind of disturbing but magical. The setting then was the Meatpacking District in Manhattan. This one was teeny tiny, like a furby, something that could sit in the palm of your hand. And then the dream switched and there were a couple of hedgehogs but these foreign looking characters with swords tried to slit their throats. I think I got to save them in time I can’t remember. What I do recall from the many moons ago when I did dream of the talking one is that they are sacred to Hermes, which makes sense in light of the winged creature that landed on my yesterday. In my dream, too, I think I was homeless and decided to get a mattress to put in the back of my van. I’m hoping it’s just because I watched Nomadland last month and that it isn’t a premonition…Anyway I will get some cooking and then some editing and then lunch of leftover flounder and chips with salad (I have a chowder on the hob for dinner) and after a client I have to write a few pages before winding down this day. Someone is already mentioning pizza. To be fair I forgot to take the frozen clams out of the freeze so we just might have to have a easy cheesey meal after all. I will end up making a delicious pasta sauce, so fresh tomato-wise with carmelized red onion, oregano, rosemary, parsley and anchovy. I will do a funny dance later in the evening and we will have a fire. Senor FF didn’t show his ff here today, which makes me think that he is finally having to deliver some goods.

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