Despite the seasonal discrepancy the oracle for today, Taurus 9°, is A Fully Decorated Christmas Tree, an artificial one of which is still in the window of the apartment across the alley outside mine. Oy. But the symbolic meaning transcends time of year. It is all about creating light in the darkness, like casting a Lumos spell, in Rowlingian vernacular. Rowlingian. I will have to Google that to see if I’ve just invented it. Nope I didn’t it’s out there already. Of course. The world outside is cold and barren, trees bare at Yule, while the Christmas tree inside can be lit up like, well, itself, decorated to the hilt. Let’s say the tree is life, if not of it; the one inside represents our inner life, which we can animate, even when external life around seems devoid of life energy or creativity. Works for me. The tree representing our inner life forms a canopy for gifts which we can present to others, the nurturing of our inner spirit giving bounty to those around us. The external landscape may symbolize any time we feel a low point in our experience or sense lack emanating from the environment around us and those who people it. Not to worry, we can always celebrate (ourselves) and in so doing be a source of abundance, happiness, a light in the darkness, for others. Being originally a pagan tradition, the tree ceremony marked the Solstice which is the darkest point in the year and, yet, at the point when light is on the wax, returning, albeit slowly. In us, meanwhile, as Morrissey put it, “there is a light that never goes out.” This symbol suggests that we are aware of the cyclical nature of life—those barren trees outside aren’t dead, after all, they’ve dropped their need for outward appearance, attracting the birds and the bees, and have reverted their energy, inward, to the root level where growth is concentrated and crystalized, for the next outward-growth season to come. Today is a day when we might take a page from nature’s book and drop our concern for the world of appearances and instead look inward to sing a rowsing song of celebration of self that lifts others’ spirits along with our own.

Neighbor's Artificial Inner Life

Neighbor’s Artificial Inner Life

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