Leo 14° (August 6)

I truly feel like I’m having a nervous breakdown: I am doing everything I can to get and better, to go the uncontested route, to be accommodating and to communicate. What I get in return is radio silence, attempts to take away my businesses, money taken out of joint accounts, mailboxes being shut down, safety deposit box emptied, zero word on what possessions are being claimed (which is disabling me from selling or otherwise ridding this nine room house of contents that must go or even getting an estimate from movers), and now accusations and threats from lawyers claiming I’ve threatened to throw our possessions away, i.e. the very opposite of what I’ve been saying. Also, I’m accused of slander by speaking my mind on the subject on social media, (meaning on Facebook?) and airing my true feelings of despair and loneliness? Truth isn’t slander. I am slowly losing my mind. Anyway, I will work with Brad today on getting a financial statement together as well and then head to do even more banking and a little bit of shopping. I do keep making soups then throwing them away. It’s impossible to cook for yourself. And when your whole day centered around the menu and what kind of meal you would share together it really is impossible to do it for oneself. That’s why last night was good for the soul. It would be nice to be invited places actually but that hasn’t much happened. I don’t mind being avoided. Oh that’s a lie. The pain of the primary loss is only compounded by the loss of friends or their dwindling interest. I’m beginning to feel for sure that my one friend who was there for me was really something of a double agent. He sent to me a text meant for her not for me. It wasn’t anything earth shattering but I recognized that certain tone. It doesn’t much matter nothing really does. My timed writing isn’t going that great. I’m going to find some inspiration in the pantry. I found more than I needed but that’s okay I’m going to do my best to make this shite happen. I might even walk into town today as a treat. More astrological thoughts:

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