Leo 16° (August 8)

Very Sunday today. Dinner will be oysters followed by scallops and jasmine rice and broccolini. I went to see the place today actually and was pleasantly surprised. Don’t get me wrong it is a dive but not so terrible as all that. I keep dreaming of Ireland and crying in my sleep. Really I’m still in a place where I really don’t know what to do. But I also think that might be coming okay. I don’t know. I really am suffering quite a bit. (Ya think?) I have had so many high school friends reach out and they really are the best. That and the friends I made on my own over the years. I don’t want to fail this evening. I do realize I can’t manufacture thoughts. I am just feeling. Not so far off really. And I’m used to going to bed, now at four in the morning. Imagine sleeping till noon. That would be amazing. If I end up doing what needs doing then that will be how it has to be. I have already learned I really don’t drink coffee—isn’t that weird. Me. I don’t drink coffee. I have been making myself a double decaf every morning just because. The tenor of the house is shifting. It is becoming more bachelor-ish in the sense that there is no more ritual. Everytthing is in motion. The dishes, the shopping, the cooking, the laundry, not to mention the packing and the putting together of some kind of life plan. I have been so wiped out, bedridden by the trauma, and alone. But I have had to kick into survivor mode or else. Yeah, or else. Yeah, or else. It will be uber fantastic. . I may be forgetting the most compelling part of all this. I believe that it was important to talk to Chris about it all. And the winter rental in Ptown really is a sad place and I couldn’t for a moment imagine myself there. On to the work at hand:

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