Aries 7° (March 27)

That which Cancer man wants to instill in those in whom he invests his time and attention is a total sense of security. And few of us will disallow him from playing the metaphorical role of designated driver, if not trust being in his hands over our own. Cancer is always appealing to someone, in one sense of the term or other. In our first book Sextrology his chapter is titled The Player, and he is indeed a natural actor, a coolly emotive and romantic figure who is rarely so macho a man as to read in the least bit threatening, any form of misogyny being largely absent in the Moonchild population. The astrological fourth house, under the sign’s rule, governs the popular opinion of women, among other attributes—Cancer man inherently knows how to particularly play on the emotions and opinions of the women who populate his own life. And as the title also suggests, Cancer is determined to be an A-player in business, that is to say one who is seen as adding great value to a company, institution or industry. As far as being a player in relationships goes, defined as someone who plays on a lover or mate’s emotions and then either ghosts or cheats on them or both: We say yes to the emotions bit, but generally no to any blackguard behavior. Possibly no other man wants to secure and sustain a steady relationship more than this one. He is, in all things tenacious, so much so we have likened him to gum on the shoe—or, in our live performances, in an adult cabaret setting, one of us just might have delivered the line: Crabs are so hard to get rid of. But it’s true! Guys of the sign are naturally insinuating, though perhaps not so much to be insidious. Cancer simply subscribes to the notion that the fulfillment of his potential requires getting his hooks into certain “host” people and situations that provide patronage and a secure environment where what he perceives to be his destined success can unfold in the fullness of time. In the meantime, Cancer man keeps it simple and his head down, quietly powering through. He is entirely pleasant, as a rule, across the board, to friends and acquaintances alike. In fact, there often seems little difference between the amount of interest or affection he appears to invest in any case. As suggested, he isn’t very present minded—something you can work on, Moonchild—which, to be fair, may be product of being cosmically engineered to continually look, with hope, toward the future. Future tripping for the Cancer may result in anxiety; and he must strive to find increasing comfort in uncertainty, which he mostly does by keeping what he can, year on year, the same. Change, the good kind—success, renown, financial reward—mostly comes to the Cancer, inhabiting the same well-worn waters, cased in his carefully cultivated, protective shell. The world, existence, for him is all too real, despite his Walter Mitty-esque flights of imaginative fancy—he is probably the least prone of individuals to employ any form of magical thinking (or so he thinks). He is surely one of the existentialists of the zodiac, not given to the proverbial opiates of religion or set belief systems. He might intellectually perceive an ordered universe, but his gut tells him that the bulk of existence is random, and thus up to him to make the necessary inroads. He doesn’t understand—and won’t even agree with this, reading it, now—that his infamous daydreaming is a form of ,what we call, wishcraft, something women of the sign are typically well aware they have the power to perform. Cancer man is an unwitting practitioner.

I am now in my seventh year of writing this Blague. Year six, I went through the first five years, and excerpted from five Blagues per day, as a way of taking inventory of what came before. If there are any blocks of text following this paragraph that would be from the corresponding day last, the sixth, year.

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