Aries 6° (March 26)

The post from last year was bemoaning the fact that 223 people in America were dead from Covid 19. Can you imagine that small a number now when there are over a thousand a day dying, still, even with the vaccine rollout. Had to get my cousin to back off finally as there is nothing in it for me to have a relationship with this doomsday narcissist. What else happened. I need to get my timeline in order. But I woke up with some words in my head like: I cannot overstate how relieved and grateful we are that there are now lawyers in place on both sides and that we have this first opportunity to have the court’s eyes on this situation because, frankly, since August we have been suffering innumerable and varied slings and arrows of our landlord’s lies and bullying and abuse and intimidation and harassment, which is not only intentionally designed by him to destroy our right to peaceful habitation but to scare us and make us feel continually unsafe. As time has gone on, since August, he has only become emboldened and we are, yes relieved to know that there are others, beside the police, whom we’ve had to call to the property and whom, at their request, we’ve reported every abuse to. Because the house we live in is on a larger property which includes a working farm and a workshop, for which we have been paying electricity for nearly eight years it turns out—we’ll get to that—our landlord is on the property every single day. We cannot go from our back door to our car without his having made comment or standing feet away from us, hands on hips, glaring at us. On one occasion he even invited a friend, a stranger to us, to come to our property and shout abuse at us telling us to “get the hell out” and “go back to where we come from” which has hateful, xenophobic overtones to say the least. I have been parked in the center of Wellfleet when he has driven his truck up this close to my car, blocking me into my space and glaring at me menacingly. Just two weeks ago we had friends over in the evening and sat outside on the back deck (pin in the words back deck) and he drove his truck around the property menacingly while we sat outside peeling out, screeching, onto the road and back again. The next morning he dumped leaves that were raked neatly to the edge of our property back onto the space right outside our door and  he built a fire pit not fifty feet from where we sit outside on the back deck, placing a dozen chairs around it. Everything he does is designed to intimidate, bully, abuse. Indeed this whole thing, the whole reason, the larger event leading up to this moment is all one big act of harassment on the landlord’s part. And it’s just the tip of the iceberg. Our list of counter claims better known as his illegal actions and abuses will make your hair curl. And as much as we are grateful and do earnestly seek resolution here via this process, we are equally determined to reparations and retribution, that is to say, to see see justice served. And if we cannot achieve both resolution and also reparation and retribution via this process we will trust the judicial system and a jury to help us get the justice and the retribution for the many damages that the landlord not only exacted but seemed to delight in exacting.

I am now in my seventh year of writing this Blague. Year six, I went through the first five years, and excerpted from five Blagues per day, as a way of taking inventory of what came before. If there are any blocks of text following this paragraph that would be from the corresponding day last, the sixth, year.

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