Aries 5° (March 25)

Resolution, Reparation, Restitution. I woke up way to early once again after staying up way too late. But it’s cool. I’m healing and this is part of the process for sure. I’ve learned that I might be alone on this vision quest which might actually be a better thing than worse. I have figured out how to order my mind and that is to put all surrounding thoughts into the form of a deposition. I am going to open up the channels for taking in some dough in the coming weeks and for otherwise moving things around in such a way as to make a difference for the people. I know what’s up with some appliances and I have a few recipes up my sleeve. Haven’t heard back from Tony P. but I will. I sent Dave a message and a bon voyage back to whence he came. I think that’s all that needs doing. I recalled our run in with Hume Cronyn who was quite a funny man there in the end. I think of all the people I’ve known and I think yeah right. I’m of a mind and in a mood. I’m ready to start breaking things up and putting my thoughts into some semblance of a tonic for the toxic. At least certain things are far enough in my past now that they matter less and less; and the love that I feel for the newcomers far outstripped that which I ever truly felt for the discarded. The truth is I’m glad they are in my review. There is so much to look forward to and I see no real reason not to enjoy that fact. I mean the process means accepting where you are right now which isn’t always easy but it is liberating if you let it be. It is one of those days where no information will come in and everything I need to know is inside my noggin so let it be.

I am now in my seventh year of writing this Blague. Year six, I went through the first five years, and excerpted from five Blagues per day, as a way of taking inventory of what came before. If there are any blocks of text following this paragraph that would be from the corresponding day last, the sixth, year

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