Aquarius 25° (February 14)

Sleep was terrible. And I’m suddenly remembering it’s Valentine’s Day and I am hesitant to be on someone else’s romantic date. D+A definitely want me to join them. It isn’t so difficult to dig out the car but all these things are keeping me from jumping in the car. And yet it turns out it is the last night of the Japanese pop-up and I have to make the effort. It will be expensive but I don’t care. It will be totally worth it. Delicious food and then we did a little wine shop there afterward (they won’t be serving wine moving forward). We hung out and sang a bit and I slept over which was fun.

November 11

The color pine portrays your ever-verdant spirit. While others change like the seasons, you’re consistently loyal and dedicated to excellence in all you undertake. Someone to confide in, you keep to your cone of silence. You love to be alone and are rarely lonely.

November 12

Who better to bust out a color vibe of red devil? Not to say you’re diabolical. Indeed, you’re wicked good. It’s just that you see so deep into others’ consciences they feel like you clutch their souls. Thus, you have a positively transformational effect on everyone.

November 13

With a color vibration of jazzberry jam, those born this day are brilliant self-inventions. Never mind not feeling the world owes you a favor, you relish making your own way in it, needing no tradition or convention to follow. You’re a freestylin’ fool to no one exactly. 

November 14

In no way regional, you vibrate an international orange. You were born going places and, though you hold a few most dear, you make many meaningful connections. This keeps the ground covered for big breaks, meanwhile insuring you won’t miss social flights of fancy. 

November 15

A most rock-steady Scorpio, you’ve a firebrick glow that insures you can take any heat, but rarely do you have to. You enter situations laying down ground rules and other safety features to make for quick professional turnarounds and personal outs, if you need them. 

November 16

Your birthday glow is fluorescent pink. As if shining under a blacklight, you steal focus, whether you intend to or not. Ironic, as you’re the poster child for privacy—praise equals embarrassment. But blind us you must, despite yourself, with talents beyond compare.

November 17

New York pink is your cosmic birthday color, joyfully jaded, like you, as it is. We’d be lost in a rose-colored daze if not for your wittily weary world view and words of wisdom. Never taken for a ride, you’re driven to reach for the stars, seeing glam even in the gutter.  

November 18

Orange-red is a modern invention, much like you. Though you glean lessons from your own past, you never dwell in it. Your focus is the present, cashing in on creative visions. Andy Warhol said “good business is the best art” and you’re a living testament to the fact.

November 19

The fixed-water sign, crystals symbolize your consolidated nature. Salt-of-the-earth is the color of your day and a phrase you’ve heard describe you. Devoid of superficiality, you are realness, seeking to express your true essence and to unearth such elements in others.

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