Aquarius 24° (February 13)

I will actually end up watching the Superbowl tonight and it was such a fun game and such a great halftime show. I am starting to work in earnest on tax stuff. I basically just need to cook and use up what’s in the fridge. My plan is to do another major food shop and to some how stretch this all out for a good two weeks. Some cocktails and then I get so starving I make this late-night dish of eggs and goat cheese and bacon. It’s basically Superbowl munchies. I heard from D+A and I suggest we go to the restaurant in Dennis. They are traveling up in this pretty crappy weather. 

November 1

A cool black provides protection, absorbing negative energy. You can pour on the charm, even the comedy, to further career. But in private you’re ultraserious with high standards for pals and lovers to live up to. Your embody your aesthetic which makes a statement.

November 2

Puce was the fave color of Marie Antoinette, born this day. As these things go, it chose her, not she it. It is an historical hue, befitting your love for treasures and mysteries of the past. It expresses truth in decay. If you had to be honest, you’d admit to a little decadence.

November 3

You’re loud and proud, fluorescent fuchsia announcing the fact you’ve arrived. You take big bites out of life providing yourself what you deserve without apology. You call others on the carpet, taking socio-politics seriously. Oppressors beware, you’ll tear them down.

November 4

Rust never sleeps, and you won’t rest until you’ve reached a daily goal, righted a wrong, or returned an overdue email. It’s not mere follow-through, but going the extra mile—excellence—that’s key to your surpassing success. In love, you can run them ragged.

November 5

Like a red cardinal on the wing, you catch ones eye and have a bit of an edge, swoop in, speak your mind, and then you’re off again. Brilliant in directorial positions, you exude no insecurity, warm and fuzzy to a select few. You waste no time in achieving happiness.

November 6

Like cooled lava, one suspects, you’ve had your hot times. But your priority is laying the groundwork for growth and the proliferation of your talents and ideas. You see life as a fertile landscape where dreams take hold. A sought-after creature, you ooze social grace.

November 7

You’re a well of inky blue, a deep source of imaginative power. You make friends with bogeymen and other emanations of your subconscious, naming, facing, voicing fears. That’s how you disempower them and clear a path to accomplishment and fulfillment.

November 8

Like the red of maple leaf, you’re deep, brilliant, and transparent. Beyond being incapable of lying, you can’t help but reveal the truth in all situations. That makes you forthcoming, and a bit of a sleuth. Your deft verbal skill in coaxing others to come clean is unrivaled.

November 9

The universe made you mocha, a rich aura-glow that soothes and inspires. You lend yourself ample space for creativity, coloring outside accepted lines. You likewise provide a safe emotional environment for loved ones to express their souls and realize potential.

November 10

A most sensual Scorpio, your color vibe is apricot, which speaks to your idyllic life view. 

You let things unfold, never forcing issues. Process is paramount to you, and you’ll forgo opportunity unless the mix of company is correct. In all things loving, you take your time.

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