Aquarius 23° (February 12)

I end up once again at Mac’s as if I want to repeat last night’s snacky kind of meal. There is no place at the bar but the same two couples are there and so I sort of join them. I’m reticent but they’re welcoming and we end up bonding and laughing even more than the night before. They’ve admitted to Googling me. Then in come Tim and Billy with a friend and they visit our table which is really nice. This is the birthday of Nanny and Mama Rose.

October 21

Pale peach expresses your juicy creativity. Barraged by big ideas, you can’t realize them all at once, but you can ultimately bring most to life. Meanwhile, you learn to live more in your body and less in your head. Challenging yourself physically is chilling your mind.

October 22

Ruddy pink is a color that speaks to your florid taste and rosy disposition. Vitality is the hallmark of your day, so steer clear of aura vampires who seek to drain you. You’re a wholesome character—don’t pretend otherwise. There’s nothing sexier than innocence.


October 23

Like the palest ice blue of your home planet Pluto, you seem frosty at first, keeping others at arms length until you’ve given their psyches a proper scan. Your inner circle is an elite clique of philanthropic mover-shakers. Your charm and sensibility is old school.

October 24

Your aura is the color of lemon crush and your company is just as refreshing. You’re a serious soul with a purpose to fulfill, and you don’t waste time or suffer fools. You possess a strong spiritual core, learning life lessons young. You’re a mentor and a marvel to others.

October 25

Pomegranate is the color of the underworld, the fruit of Queen Persephone. It symbolizes the subconscious, a realm you inhabit—exploring your own psyche and probing others’. You seek deepest connection with inherent desires and with those you bond in sexy love.

October 26

Colors of ember and ash portray your being a slow burn. It takes time to know you, in relationships for the long haul. Loathing indecision, you hold others’ feet to the fire. Yours is the most indomitable spirit. Never down for long, you ever rise like a phoenix. 

October 27

A bright spot in Scorpio, powered by Mars, your vibration is scarlet, denoting a sense of urgency and action. You are not one to sit idly by; you must make your mark, bold and indelible. You’re witty and urbane, verbally adept, thrilling to make killings in your field.

October 28 

You, slathered in a red-black lacquer, a hue hinting at killer instincts in business, the social sway or entanglement in dangerous liaisons. You bring on the night, non-chalant, vampy or a tad vampiric. Cool in mixed company, you can be bossy with your own sex. 

October 29

You’re that rare snow white Scorpio, providing an escape valve, comic, or indeed cosmic relief. You’ve a way of changing the energy in the room, clearing bad ju-ju, establishing chill vibes. Wizard at cutting tension with a wise crack, you wryly concede joy’s a choice.

October 30

You’re engulfed in the deepest orange you can imagine, suggesting you’re dramatic and extreme. You may feel scorched by the past, but purified, as if emotional obstacles are perpetually removed in your experience. Life seems ever easier, horizons looming larger. 

October 31 

Misty grey are those born today when the veil between this and the supernatural world is meant to be its thinnest. Whatever: You embrace mystical mystery every day, haunting favorite spots, anonymously sculpting out solo space in life you can escape to, unnoticed.

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