Aquarius 22° (February 11)

Will end up at Mac’s tonight for a love dozen clams with a spicy tun handroll and some shrimp and grits. Sitting next to a two couples from Jersey City whose kids ended up going to the same charter school where Mary worked. I will write John a note which he will never return.

October 11

Your emanation a Paris green, it’s no wonder you love an orderly life, balancing urban sojourns with splashing in puddles, picnics on park benches with Dom Perignon, catwalk shows on China’s Great Wall, anything merging civilized formality with natural elements. 

October 12

Your vibration being a Persian blue speaks to the fact you’re a beautiful mosaic, a collage of various influences and experiences you’ve singularly pieced together into your own design for living. Like most Libras, you’re a minimalist, though, decidedly, one with soul.

October 13

Sunset is a Libran color, the symbol of the Scales recalling that horizontal scene. So no surprise your vibe is so beautiful and so serene. You bring tense situations down required notches, knowing when enough is enough, or to call it quits. Nobody is more of a closer.

October 14

You’re resplendent in folly, a chic pink aura expressing fashionable understanding of the world. Knowing the rules lets you bend them every which way without breakage. Staying this side of outrageous is a fun, jolly way to be a pioneer, a progressive and a free radical.

October 15

People might assume you sprung forth sucking a silver spoon by your Eton blue aura. But, baby, you were born with it: A sense that life is a privilege, that you needn’t sell yourself short, and that you are who you understand yourself to be: True human pedigree.

October 16

Like a mimosa tree blossom on the breeze, you float in a fluff of orangey pink, exotic for your environment. Delicately, you roam. A blithe spirit, who won’t be bogged down by disparaging words or crunching numbers, you only seem to go where the wind takes you.

October 17

With a pale pistachio color vibe, you prove that big things come in small packages. You work in an intricately detailed manner, from seeds of ideas you let germinate and grow.  This mirrors your taste for quality over quantity, understated elegance over blatant bling.

October 18

Your aura color is best described as pumpkin, befitting your great Libran expectations. Yours is an active idealism that sees others live up to the hopes you have, while you patiently await desired outcomes, vigilantly committed to causes that better life for all.

October 19

Maya blue is the tenacious color vibration that expresses your steadfast nature. The kid who stays in the game, you succeed in the end—never, ever give up on your dreams. There is a ritual connotation to this blue, so embrace the power of your own devotional routines.

October 20

Libras are often labeled dispassionate but your pastel-violet aura-glow begs to differ. You may be impressionistic in your approach to career, following instincts instead of forcing an agenda. But your soft tack belies a near ecstatic conviction of your destiny’s call.

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