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The following twelve Blagues are comprised of our Holiday Show at Joe’s Pub,  December2017, entitled  Dashing Through (The Twelve Signs of Christmas).

Preset Logo. Projection screen is raised. Band then S + Q enter.

And so it begins. As it began. With a Star. (Matt plays chord) Actually I’d like to say a few words first , if that’s okay. Sure, just: Dashing Through remember. Yes, that’s why I want to pre-distill: The wheel of the Zodiac is Everything. Oh, the Zodiac is Everything. A contained sphere of unthinkable enormity. Infinity ever expanding. In what should be an upward spiral.

The Zodiac is applicable to everything, as we’ll explain tonight. 1) a model and metaphor for all existence—which matches exactly to our creations myths; and 2) it also perfectly fits Christ-mas story, and the whole Jesus thing; and 3) the Zodiac directly applies to all of us, tracing our own would-be quests toward enlightenment apotheosis divinity. Our own stories currently being written.

Each sign is distinguished by a combination of a “quality” and an “element.” Aries is Cardinal-Fire.The Spark. Big Bang of Creation. Ignition. Emergency. The birth of a star. The birth of all stars. Happens by fusion. The birth of all things. New life, beginnings. Oneness, singularity. A new order, a new age, a new God. Self. Me? I.

The 1st house is that of birth, beginnings, self, the body, temple of the spirit. The motto is I am.Being and embodiment. Purpose. The sign is ruled by planet Mars for the War God. Aries people are like Ah. Objectivity. Aries people personify this Mars-fueled energy. They’re all forward. Putting it out there. Not taking much in. They’re me-first, head first—the sign rules the head—looking out for #1. Their singular goals. Their solo objectives. It’s what Aries people can best teach us all to do. If only you all looked out for yourselves then I wouldn’t have to.

Self-actualization. Buddha. Being your own spiritual leader. This is a brand of spirituality that is natural for the Aries. Who is the first to see that star? The shepherd. And Ram is the original shepherd, leader of the flock. This song was written by an Aries, T.R. seeking to reckon the singularity of Self with that Star, which gives her pause. And it begs the existential question: Could this be about more than just me? Is there even such a thing? Or am I all there be?

song: Star of Wonder.

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