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(from show at Joe’s Pub, December 2017.)

If that Shepherd was an Aries, she didn’t follow that star. I dunno, if I were alone on a hill top, no street lights, at the dawn of the first century and saw some massive starburst in the sky, I know the first words out of my mouth would be: Jesus Christ. Speaking of new beginnings. At 11:28 AM tomorrow the days start getting longer as we slowly grow to full impeachment by June. Oh, don’t even worry about it. It’s all cyclical. Everything runs it’s course. Upward spiral, but on a diagonal, so every so often we experience a dip. But we’re on the up now you’ll see.

So we move from Aries to Taurus, Mars rule to Venus rule. In the Creation Myth, Cardinal-Fire big bang Genesis to Fixed-Earth, the garden, Eden, fertility, made all the more so by a little Taurus BS. No manure no magic. Bulls, cows, are symbols of worship and idolatry. The golden calf. That bovine Adonis, flower god, Ferdinand rolling in the roses. And in the Xmas story, too, we swing on over to the manger, the cow trough. From the French manger, to eat, to consume. Ready to be worshipped and adored. Oh I could just eat him up. Adoration lasting all of his life and beyond. Well he did have a Jewish mother.

Taurus is like ah subjective, inviting, fixed earth, the garden, utilizing the power of attraction, the senses to lure, tempt, seduce. It always happens in a garden—Eden, Gathsemene —some evil lurking. Taurus people embody this Venus energy of attraction and allure. They are most appealing. Taurus wants to be prized, treasured, possessed even. The sign’s motto is I have.

2nd house of Taurus rules our assets, our values, our talents, which must be cultivated, like a garden. Taurus rules the neck, throat, gullet, appetites, the voice, symbolic for the talents and value we possess. And, as a rule, Taurus people provide the best lessons in self-cultivation. They are at once most self-possessed and yet willing to accept others’ praise and even allow others to work their own agendas through them. So long as it benefits the Taurus, foremost, they’re let others do the heavy lifting. And Taurus’ brand of spirituality involves being possesed by some spirit, taken up by some rapture. This by a Taurus who calls himself by Latin name for G.V.


song: Gloria

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