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Ever seen Bono at an event or something? He’s tiny, which obviously isn’t a problem. Well he seems not to like it. He was taking a ton of photos with people and this is what he does. Can someone take a picture?

So Aries Cardinal-Fire big-bang Genesis, Taurus Fixed-Earth Eden then Gemini, Mutable Air is like biting into that apple: the Fall, consciousness, the sign’s motto is I think. Duality, division,”the twins”, a split. Self-consciousness of good evil, mortality immortality, right wrong—being cast out into the wilderness, and ultimately, the urban jungle.

Fitting as Gemini is ruled by Mercury, for the wing-ed, eternally adolsecent, urbane, street-wise urchin messenger god, a trickster, huckster, “psychopomp” who can travel from heaven Olympus to hell of Hades. He is fun, funny, mischievous but a fly in the ointment. God of the literal crossroads: namesake markets, merchants, petty thieves, deal-makers, buskers, artful dodgers, all manner of streetwalkers, and the figurative crossroads: our choices, our messaging. Either way we strike.bargain. And Geminis strike one most easily between their earthly existence and their divine aspirations, their brand of spirituality being more flexible and forgiving of personal/human failings than most, heaven and hell being a perpetually mixed ‘n mingled state of mind.

The 3rd house rules childhood conditioning. In the Xmas story, too, Jesus in his own adolescence is something of a street urchin, preaching at the crossroads, putting his own messaging out there. Rubbing elbows with the hoi poloi, doing miracle tricks, questioning authority, sowing division mainly by being more forgiving than most of human failings.

Gemini is like ah. They’re wired up. Information central. Thoughts coming in and out fast and furious.Gemini rules the nerves, neurons our wiring.They best deal with life and others, not hanging on too tightly but keeping it light and moving and not taking too firm a stance, morally or otherwise, naturally understanding the transience of all things.

Mercury has a female counterpart, Eris, the wing-ed goddess of discord, who also sows division when scorned. She threw her own apple with the words “for the fairest among you” written on it into a party to which she wasn’t invited causing all-out Trogan War.

We were in the elevator at the Waldorf once with the Gemini who wrote this next song about duality—she was with her manager who said you know Edgar Bronfman Jr., then head of Warner Music, is staying in the hotel. And she said: Let’s go to his room, break his door down and throw a bomb into it.

Song: Leather And  Lace

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