Scorpio 5°

Lunch at Darsham Nurseries. Then Southwold. Gin and Tonic. Lamb dinner. Matt to bed early. 

(from our show at Joe’s Pub, December 2017)

Last we saw Jesus, he returned from his Cancer trip into the mystic, landing a lush Leo life as the King of Kings, performing Virgo alchemy, healing, spouting poetic parables from Libra pulpit, wrestling demons of Scorpio desire, emerging rather changed, waxing ecstatically philosophical. He’s a little crazy at this point. Things careening a bit out of control.

And as we come next to the Ecclesiastes, the most mind-expanding third-eye bit of the good book so too do we move into the Mutable-Fire sign of Sagittarius ruled by Jupiter, named for the chief god of power, Greek Zeus, god of lightning, mutable fire in the sky, altered states of genius or madness. Either way a bit touched. Jupiter is growth, generosity. The 9th house is of mind expansion/supra-c, philosophy, knowledge

Knowledge is power! Jupiter’s counterpart and sister-wife Juno, the Greek Hera, is goddess of power. She is blindingly radiant, those she blinds being given second sight—third eye. “Vision” is the most expansive of our faculties.

The sign’s motto is I see…I understand.

Juno/Hera is the Goddess Diva, Lady Godiva who blinded peeping Tom. She burned the mother of Dionysus who, when still a fetus, was then sewn into Zeus’ thigh. Sag rules powerful thigh and liver/excess. Dionysus, orgiastic god of excess, wine, ancient drug of choice for mind expansion also inhabits the purple haze of Sag. His pinecone staff is the pineal gland, 3rd eye.

Juno’s jealousy and dislike for Dionysus symbolizes goddess power being usurped by the imposition of the new male god. It’s the same old story as Mary being written out of the holy trinity by the patriarchy Both Queens of Heaven.

Radiance, power, excess, genius and generosity, overflowing, hallmarks of the Sadge experience. Sag people are like ahhhh. For them more is more and we must prolierate, spreading like wildfire, our knowledge, power, generosity. Sag spirituality can be most ecstatic, excessive. In ancient times men had their genie or personal god of genius; we still have the cartoon version. But it is lost knowledge that ancient women also had their own personal juno, an expression of their radiant genius mind and spirit. But goddess power, personal or universal, can never be snuffed out; it only expands, more and more.

songs: And the Wind Cries Mary / And I Think It’s Going to Rain Today

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