Scorpio 6°

Walk through veg garden. Ben and Martin for lunch. Chickens bread sauce. Walk just the four of us. Saw small horsie. Leftovers for dinner.

(from our show at Joe’s Pub, December 2017)

Sagittarius excess run amok is then restricted, contained by Saturn-ruled Capricorn whose motto is I use. That is to say I don’t waste. I save. I conserve. Capri-corn, the goat horn of plenty, is all resource. It is Cardinal-Earth, the mountain with its natural resevoirs. We go to the mountain to pray and receive god’s command-ments, rules, restrictions, shall’t nots. The 10th house is about rules, discipline, structure, status. We’ve left the ecstatic Ecclesiastes and entered the venerable Song of Old King Solomon. This sign has a lot of old-man energy. Moses, too whom god told to build a tabernacle from goat hair. Capricorn actually rules the knees, prayer, skeleton, structure; and the skin, containment.

At this point in the story, Jesus delivers his sermon on the mount, originally sacred to goat god Ba’al. This leads to his containment, incarceration and… Capricorn MLK gave his I’ve Been to the Mountaintop speech and next day…Tragedy. From Greek tragodia, meaning Goat Song. Scapegoat is a high status sacrifical figure saves us by taking on our sins. And do Cap people tend to be scape-goated? Sure. We’re mainly self-sacrificing. I’d climb to the nearest hilltop and take the hit if I could rid us of that orange Capricorns are like meh. They’re reserved, resigned, resolute. Resistant!

We all must ask ourselves for what are we willing to do? How much we are willing to sacrifice for the for the good of all people. The mythical Saturn is the old, deposed king, cut down. His emblem is the sycthe, the sickle. He is old father time, the grim reaper. We should do that song. At Winter Solstice the young Oak King vanquishes the old Holly King, Saturn, Santa. Solomon. Obiwan Kenobi. We make our sacrifices, our Capricorn New Year’s resolutions to give up fill in the blank. Out with the old.

And by the way, Jesus isn’t a Capricorn. He’s a Pisces. They added two months to the calendar since his birth. Anyway, Shepherds don’t tend their sheep until nearing Spring. There are no lambs slung over Shepherd’s shoulders in winter.

This song on the theme of incarceration and resolution was written by a Capricorn who was born on Christmas day.

song: Fairytale of New York

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