Scorpio 7°

Packed. Pascale drove to Shore Ditch. Funny lady on the radio. We looked at the flat then went for a sandwich on Columbia road then to Myddleton square to check onut the building project on the townhouse. Then we Ubered to and checked into One Aldwych whereupon I realized I had Pascale’s full set of keys in my coat—she gave me them, along with her dog Reg, so I could get our baggage out. Then some neighbor with a thick cockney game and talked her ear off and I forgot to give the keys back. Luckily we were meeting Edith at the Jasper Johns exhibit at the Royal Academy so I could give her the keys. After the exhibit we took Edith to the Wollesley and caught up with her school, art-work and love-life, and told her the story about seeing David Hockney introduce himself to Sister Wendy. Was supposed to meet up with Heather Randall but she flaked to be honest. Got a little lost on the return to the hotel, as I always forget Soho is above Covent Garden not next to it so we ended up in Bloomsbury. But passed some cool restaurants on the way “backing into” Covent Garden. Ended up at Murano. S. had tuna I had veal Milanese.

(from our show at Joe’s Pub, December 2017)

Knowing he’s being scapegoated, what would JC do? Throw a dinner party! Yep. Performing a bit of transsubstantiation. Bread into flesh, wine into blood, in that holy grail, the Aquarian “water” bearer of everlasting life. In Greek myth, the cup bearer, Hebe, pours the nectar that ensures the gods’ youthful immortality. John the Baptist too bears the baptismal waters of everlasting life. The lone voice in the wilderness alienated, outcast, a madman, the weirdo on the shortbus who’s really just ahead of his time.Well we all know how alienating being a progressive can be! Aquarius people are like ah (light bulb), a bit alien, alienating? alienated?

Jesus, too, feels he’ll be thrice denied like any christy coffee house hippy would, and then, that even god has forsaken him. But Aquarius Fixed-Air is a thousand points of light. Other Stars. Not the singular fiery star-birth of Aries, But steady beacons via which we navigate. Our true north. The Star card in the Tarot is the Waterbearer. Aquarius is the Stars. All of Space. Universality. Ruled by Uranus the mythic god of the Universe. Omniscent. Truth and Revelation. Aquarius’ motto is I know. No second guessing.

We can’t tell you how to have a revelation, but it will come in the eleventh hour if you’ve done all you can. The eleventh house that of the future. Revelation provides a glimpse of what’s to come.

Capricorn with its Old-Man imagery is the past while Aquarius is about what’s next, the shock of the new, the future, evolution and revolution. Aquarius, the so-called weirdo sign of freaks and geeks, is all about mutation. Science teaches us that it is along lines of sudden mutation—literal diversity—that species actually evolve.

Aquarius rules the ankles, which are weak and prone to injury, because they are a recent feature of our evolution, standing upright, still a bit iffy.

Anyway, the 11th house is also that of humanity into whose arms you might fall. A trust exercise. Aquarius is the Dawn, before which it is darkest.

Opposing Leo, the Sun, Aquarius is perhaps our own distant star to which we must return. Jesus’ last words may well have been beam me up. Feeling oh so alone. Here a duet between an Aquarius and a Leo..

song: Don’t Give Up

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