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I believe I went swimming the first morning at the hotel. We met Susanne for lunch at Spryng. That was a three hour lunch in fact. Then we strolled around and looked at Arket. Then we came back to speak to a young book agent. Then we met Sebastian and had drinks and a pow wow. Then we went to Shoreditch for the party to celebrate the launch of Brown’s East and met the head guy of FarFetch and the something lady from Brown’s. Ubered back to Covent Garden. Ate at the Ten Cases…delicious things…will have to be reminded what but surely a ravioli with marrow. Yum.


Now for the Pisces bit

(from our show at Joe’s Pub, December 2017)

Okay, so we’ve arrived at Pisces, ruled by Neptune, the planet of dissolution, named for the god of the sea, the planet of energetic non-material existence. And yes we have gotten to the point where someone has “died” only to show days later sporting some spiffy stigmata.

And that not only did he not die but now neither will anyone else who believeth in him. Which is totally cute. Pisces’ motto is I believe. Belief preceding proof. Pisces rules the feet and before we walk on water we had better believe we can.

Science ultimately proves many a belief.

Like the fact that everything really is non-material, that all is energy in variying densities. And that energy can neither be created nor destroyed. Something the ancient Zodiac seemed to know along. So none of us are really going anywhere. Moot point. Immaterial.

We simply pass over the rainbow bridge through Salome’s seven colored scarves, over the RoyGBiv to Oz or Nirvana, the immaterial universe…..which is right here all the time. Pisces’ opposite facing fish portray the two-way street of birth and death, in limbo or utero. Pisces is Mutable-Water, the primordial soup from whence we came and to which we return.

The 12th house is that of asylum or the asylum. A haven, sanctuary, oblivion, all and nothingness.

And as I said, Jesus was a Pisces. The Jesus Fish. The Pisces fish are the totems of Aphrodite, called Mari, and her son Eros. Mari is Mary whose della robbia blue gown fringed in white is the sea fringed with foam. Eros was at once the oldest of all the gods and yet an eternal babe. Eros is Love. Jesus is Love. Energetic Love. Spiritual Love. That which connects us all. Close your eyes. Imagine, believe, that you are pure energy, letting your notions of matter dissolve. And feel yourself, as molecules, as atoms, as protons, as neutrons, hadrons, quarks, as pure energy, sharing the same primordial soup as the rest of us.

song: Within You Without You

As Matt vamps…Some of you gave us some birth information and we have something for you. Where is X, Y, Z. And we have some little trinkets for everyone too. Thank you all so much for coming. Thank Ania, Jon + Joe’s Pub people. Tip mightily. And please give a big round of applause to Danton Boller, Tomoko Akoboshi, Patrick Johnson Mr. Matt Ray, my personal Juno, The American Baroness, Stella Starsky and Quinn Cox.

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