Scorpio 4°

Pumpkin Soup and walk about woods talking about Mel Brooks. Cous Cous. Damon and Gabriela. Champagne. Piano in Suffolk.

(from our show at Joe’s Pub, December 2017)

As egalitarian as that song might be, not one woman sung lead on that original. Just saying. Anyhoo. This next song could only have been written by a Scorpio. For all Libra’s goodness and light, Scorpio is dubious of appearances and must dig below the surface. If Libra is the glaring light of consciousness Scorpio is the deep, dark unconscious and subconsious.

Yes! That’s where Scorpio feels the true riches, spiritual or otherwise, are lodged. Scorpio’s ruler Pluto god of the underworld. It’s Fixed-Water, concentrated, intense also frozen emotion. Ice, crystals, gems a metaphor for the deep meaning and repressed desire wrought by, to be mined from subterranean pressure of the subconscious. Having shifted from poetic Psalms to wise, weighty, Proverbs we’ve left Libra’s gleaming pulpit to delve our both own inner depths and the subversive, hidden elements of society.

We all really must make an effort to uncover what’s going on—in here—and out there. Societies, like people, are only as sick as their secrets and not to go all conspiracy theory on you but there’s lots we don’t know. Pluto in his cloak of invisibility, is also god of riches. How you say: Plutocracy. One Scorpio motto I desire.

Desires are subconscious, seeming to exist in spite of ourselves—gems buried alive in our psyches aching to be exhumed. Scorpio people are best at mining their inner world for meaning. Their brand of spirituality embraces mystery, the unknowable. They are comfortable with uncertainity, something they can teach us all to be. And they keep us guessing. They search themselves for gems of personal truth despite their being guarded by inner demons/dragons, a Scorpio totem of lust, obsession, fear, shame, repressed power to unleash, lest it consume us!

Regenerative power! Scorpio does rules the genitalialalala. Scorpio’s other motto We have, expresses an urge to merge thru sex or psychic possession or joint banking. The 8th house is that of other people’s money, sex, sleep, death: merging with each other, the unconscious, and the infinite. Eight is the lemniscate, symbol of infinity. Creation, destruction. Scorpio’s like hm.

Isong:  Believe In Father Christmas