Scorpio 9° (Nov 1)

Had a swim (forty lengths) and talked with a few fellows I met in the lobby, two of whom were called Jim (a suited guy) and Jon, the Aussie. First there was the tall guy whose name I didn’t quite catch. Had a bloody good time downstairs in the lobby. Then went to Neal’s Yard for a smoked salmon sandwich and a ginger tumeric tea. Then to the Cursed Child Partr One where a row of children behind us ate their Halloween candy, crinkling wrappers all the while. Then we had our dinner break at J. Sheekey. We drank. Pol Roger, I ate dressed crab, we ordered two Chablis, and I had Skate wing for my main. Sublimeness. Then back to Harry where the kids were replaced by their parents who weren’t quite contrite enough. It was lie watching a really good live movie. The best thingabout it was the staging—I think about it as I would a musical, that’s how choreographed it was. I don’t know why all this time I thought it was going to be a serious play. I imagined something Pinteresque—why would I do that. I almost lost my wallet. Was found and had a “scar on it.” I small price to pay for what will turn out to be a pretty lucky season for me, despite my penchant for pressing it.

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