Scorpio 10° (Nov 2)

No swim. Took train from Charring Cross to the O2 Indigo for graduation which was quite moving. Hung out a bit. Had a beer with Joe while the graduants had champagne. Took train to Picadilly and ate lunch at Nobi. Everyone likes Ottolenghi. I feel like it’s the emporers new clothes of food to be honest. Apparently Joe is allergic to some red wine. Not Chiantis. We managed fine. Anyway we went back to hotel but again got the same kind of lost into Bloomsbury—I have this ancient notion that Soho and Covent Garden run west to east not north to south. So we ended up on the Tottencourt Road. When will I learn that lesson? This time I say. Never again. Did a bit of packing then downstairs to meet Joe and Noelle and Pam with Stella. Some guy called Daniel playing the keyboard and guitar in a jazzy manner. He was reallly good. He had a thing called a “harmonizer” I want one of those. Will definitely get one.

At this point, I’m feeling a bit sliding doors-ish. I have a sense of what my life might be with resources being far less an object and the breadth of more alone time and space. Autonomy is an issue for anyone in a couple I realize; but for us it is a hot topic as we live work and do everything together. In some ways, we have been looking forward to school being over so that we can both again “be at the same table” working on our plans and dreams. Yet we both know that too too much togetherness can make each of us tense. It’s important to find a balance and sometimes, ironically, to do that, one must go to extremes. The pendulum can swing for me and now I’m in the loving arms of Self-Love.

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