Taurus 23° (May 13)

I will eat lobster roll today and have a quiet day. I will try to get a little bit of writing in the bank. Moving forward with the idea factory: It is said hope floats. And, as the driving force of recovery—metaphorically, something that Cancer man is in all the time—he personifies the very concept. Noah was a drunk, so he is acquainted with experiencing on a personal level. His personality is hinged on the transition from Gemini to Cancer. If the Fall is about experiencing life as a sudden split—Geminis are the most, and mostly benignly, split-personalities—then the Flood is about immediately moving toward the repair of said split. The whole thing about putting animals together, two by two, onto an ark is literally about re-pairing. And another meaning of the word ark is a promise, one which we mainly hope we can keep to ourselves. The Cancer symbol can be interpreted as a crab, but also as two peas or seeds in a single pod, in either case floating along, not determining the direction, going with the proverbial flow. All of this, too, being a metaphor, to use a recovery phrase, for living life on life’s terms. In our book Sextrology, the Cancer man and woman chapters are called The Player and The Pearl, respectively, and they speak to the strategic navigating of life as something of a game or contest and the perfecting effect that even the most tumultuous life, with its turbulent ebbs and flows, can have on a being.Life, to the Cancerian ideal, is in toto a process of recovery and rehabilitation, repairing any faulty infrastructure in our upbringing, especially, but also any family history pre-birth.  We all decide what we want to retain, and indeed recover, about ourselves, and that which we wish to be washed away, typically elements of self that block or undermine that which we are determined to take on our journey. The fourth astrological house of Cancer is a mysterious one because it rules both the home you come from and the one you create for yourself; it is, in this way, a verb, a sign of action and movement as befits its cardinal status. Cancer people, as a snapshot of the sign’s energy, are on a journey, nearly from birth, to mete out that which they want to leave behind from that which they want to characterize their future promise, any negative past conditioning from their own self-propelled providence. On an impersonal, more universal level the Cancerian experience is what we collectively pass on—customs, mores, folkways—which is no way divorced from the notions of putting things to rights, securing cultural identity and stability—and also real and metaphoric inheritances from family traits to heirlooms and property, actual real estate. In the Greek flood myth, where the pair of Deucalion and his wife Pyrra, alone, survive the entire wiping out of humanity, it is the goddess Themis who appears to them as they reach the “other shore,” at the very point of recovery, to instruct them on just what they must do next. And she’s the lady for the job.

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