The theme of today’s Sabian symbol A Jewelry Shop Filled With Valuable Gems is the social confirmation of natural excellence, which befits the sign of Leo’s rule of this oracle at Taurus 23° in a twelve-fold sequence. Leo is all about being the best, the king, but a natural born ruler, by divine right. In Sextrology, the Leo Man chapter is actually titled The Natural. And how do we adorn a monarch but for placing jewels in his or her crown. Leo rules the fifth astrological house, that of “co-creation with god”. God or Nature produces the gems, a symbol of natural excellence, but then the Artist refines them into finished product in a clear example of co-creation. Arthur is a Leo archetype as is Artemis, “a lion among women” (Homer). I’ve always thought it interesting that their names begin with Art, which I think is also the name of a god, though it’s impossible to confirm that fact via a Google search. Artistry and Authorship, along with Authority, are both hallmarks of the creative fifth house. Gems of course are certification of personal value and worth. Our creative achievements can also be jewels in our crown.


I think it’s important to remember that all creative acts are co-creation. I try to tell myself that each time I set about writing a show or an article or a some gem of a Blague entry. What provides us more a sense of self-worth than creating something fabulous? Stella often quotes Louise Bourgeois in saying “Art is a guarantee of sanity.” I tend to agree although I don’t know if these words would have helped a Van Gogh any.

I do know that creativity isn’t easy though it should be simple. And I’m going to really focus on letting my acts of creativity be acts of co-creativity and see what gems might emerge naturally, which I can then refine and polish with what skills I’ve acquired.

It reminds me very much of a conversation I had just last night—synchronicity abounds—with Stella and her childhood friend, the talented director Maria Silvaggi.

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