I have to remind you that when Elsie Wheeler “divined” these symbols they were written on index cards that were numbered 1-360 and then shuffled out of order. I also remind you that I have assumed a twelve-fold sequence, whereby I am assigning the Zodiac sign’s rulership over these symbols in turn. So when I say that the sign of Cancer, which I’ve mentioned is associated with the Flood myth, rules today’s oracle, a White Dove Flying Over Troubled Water, then we might come to believe there was indeed some providence in Elsie’s divinitaion. To boot, this image is all about providence, “the protective care of god(s) or nature as a spiritual power. The dove is that symbol of deliverance and peace, achieved through (Noah’s) obedience to spiritual promptings.

Yesterday, we talked about stringing so-called signs into a sustainable belief system. Today is about putting our hope into the system we espouse. In Judeo-Christian tradition, the dove represents the holy spirit; in the Greek flood myth it is the symbol of the goddess. Of course in Gnostic Christianity, it remained that goddess!

Troubled waters. That’s all that needs to be said about the Flood myth being an emotional allegory. Or one of recovery from emotional problems or addictions. And of course, yesterday, I went on and on about addiction. I think the notion of addiction being expressed by the sign of Gemini, duality run amok, is right. We are divided when we are in the throws of addiction—there is a split in us. Here see how recovery is possible when we embrace our personal crises in the right spirit. Then we can find peace—that dove can reveal herself. This is another form of receiving a sign, which has been a theme these past few days. Only, here, it is a sign of reward not of guidance. Commitment (promise, ark) to the belief system has paid off with peace of mind, if not body and spirit.

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