Cancer 18° (July 9)

I think I will focus on living in Gloucester or Salem and finding a somewhat affordable apartment that I can live in for next several years until things become clearer. This way I can also set myself up as an astrological consultant and take on high profile clients but be close enough to S. (hopefully) to work on other aspects of the business. I tried writing some key mutual friends and they are not responding. Pandemic, drought, blackouts. I have to write something today let us try and see what that might be: The huntress doesn’t hate her prey, she actually identifies with it, a protectress thereof, such that the hunt is more specifically a ritual drama of sacrifice to oneself, not to be confused with self-sacrifice. The unevolved Leo woman will be that shadow side, taking up space in her greed for negative attention, self-sabotaging in her complaints of others, everything, Toto. She may be an armchair autocrat, mercilessly lashing out of a lack (of courage) to hunt and eat her prey, love, the self-sort specifically. Artemis and Hestia aren’t lacking love because they take no consorts, rather they have enough love to provide themselves all the emotional sustenance required. One would think that the literary archetype of Kit in Shakespeare’s The Taming of the Shrew would be lumped into the shadow-side category of the Leo woman psyche, but not so. She’s continually fighting, hunting to achieve her goal of remaining autonomous while also entering into relationship. The mark of an evolved Leo woman on that score is enjoying a certain formality, even in her most intimate bonds, and indeed Leo tends to be one of the least co-dependent characters on the astrological block. That said, there must also be a palpable passion in her love bonds, particularly aimed in her direction. As a parent Leo is rarely fawning, maintaining a healthy distance, discipline and authority over her children. One thinks of a mother lioness, quietly affectionate and tolerant but not incapable of delivering a few well aimed love-taps to keep over-indulgence at bay. While many mothers instinctively wish their children would remain youngsters forever, Leo woman seems to be raising adults, from the get go, perhaps as a projection of how she felt as a child, which was typically not very childlike. 

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