Digging for knowledge is something that must be done, in part, as a collective, or at least we must see our personal searches for profound wisdom to be an experience we also share with others. Such is the meaning of the oracle at 12° Libra, Miners Are Surfacing From A Deep Coal Mine, which would be ruled by Pisces in a twelve-fold sequence. We must dig ever deeper to unearth the stuff that keeps our collective mind burning. The search for meaning, specifically the discovery of answers to our earthly questions, requires the determination of many minds. The pursuit of knowledge can be a hot, sweaty, pressurized and tense affair, and we can choke in the quest for intellectual aims.

As with everything Piscean, those opposite facing fish point to a two-way-street element in interpretation. This symbol can be read as a call to action for us to go down some rabbit hole and start our own dig for knowledge and meaning and what treasures, diamonds in the rough, might be found; or it might be a alarm telling us to surface and breath some fresh air of natural life and halt some intense pursuit that is engulfing us. As with many of these Libra symbols we are dealing with self-and-other(s), work for the sake of the collective. There is strain and sacrifice involved. Just as yesterday’s professor had some trouble with his eyes as a result of his academic vocation, today we risk asphyxiation in our more manual heavy lifting of bringing to the surface ancient material that was once actually live—metaphorically speaking, it is living thought and ideas embedded in the past.

I think there are things into which I must dig deeper and things into which I’ve dug that have become ruts that have entrapped me. It’s almost easier to get into the former than it is to extricate myself from the latter. Some pursuits, which have come to define us, are hard habits to break even when they are suffocating us. That was my little gem for the day.

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