Children Blowing Soap Bubbles, the image at Libra 13°, serves as a sort of off-sight think tank. This oracle is where we dream up perfect scenarios, letting the ideas come and casting them into the ether. Ruled by Aries in a twelve-fold sequence, we have exited the dream womb of Pisces and are ready to have these reveries take form. The whole of my trip to Paris has felt like the above, Stella and I just letting new dreams materialize in a floating fashion. And last night, especially, was spent out in the company of good friends, English folk who have lived in Paris for nigh on twenty years. And whenever we get together with them time both flies and stands still; I know we none of us ever stop talking and yet I can never quite remember specific threads of conversation. And not because we’re over serving ourselves, but there is just this other dimensional quality to our evenings together and always has been. We are like four kids in a sandbox falling into imaginary thoughts and games. It truly is magical. And this came off picking up a little present of a book of poetry that another dear young friend of ours left for us at Shakespeare and Co. bookstore on the quai; we were there to attend a party for Gentlewoman magazine; the party was actually quite lame, but it was memory bliss for Stella, especially, as the late owner George who is no longer with us invited her and her family, I believe, up to his private lair for tea one afternoon in the early 1980s. It was such a famous place and he had amazing stories about the dreamlike world of Paris in the early part of the 20th century when so many American novelist expats lived here.

The keynote of today’s image is definitely Imaginative Play. And I’m ready for more of that today myself. I am shaking off the last vestiges of poison from some shady relationships of the past. And I’m going to ritualize my walk today—I’m hoping the Sun goes in and it rains on me because there is nothing like walking in Paris in a grey wet terrarium—and I’m going to fancy myself a multi-colored floating bubble, perfect and evanescent. Glinda, after all, is one of the female archetypes of Libra, the good witch high priestess dressed in her sparkling gown of fleshy pink (the color associated with Libra). I’m going to float in my bubble through the raindrops and dream of a better world for myself and everyone I know.


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