Libra 20┬░ is about “the ability to draw on the power of an ancestral┬átradition in order to serve and inspore ones fellowmen” in the form of A Rabbi Performing His Duties. It would fall under Scorpio rule in a twelve-fold sequence. What this symbol acknowledges is the power of ritual even in tried and true forms; however we must understand that this power is limited. It will only take us so far. It is a means toward an end, as is any religion in its opening up unto true spirituality, which is beyond tradition. The correlation to Scorpio here is dogma, something which that fixed-water sign represents, just as it fixates in other manners, mainly psychological ones, like compulsion, obsession and repression, all of which take the form of blocks, as in of ice, of overly fixed emotion, the shadow side of that sign’s quality-element combination. Scorpio people, though perhaps seductive and provocative, are nonetheless creatures of habit, in the extreme. It’s about control, which is an element, of course, of any obsessive-compulsive disorder. If I do things in the exact same way then I can keep bad things from happening to me. Thus superstition becomes a factor; and how far from supersitition and compulsive behavior is the more dogmatic rituals of an ancient religion. Is it the thing you’re doing or the doing of the thing that brings about whatever divine or magical or blessed result?

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