Having Passed Safely Through Narrow Rapids, A Canoe Reaches Calm Waters, the keynote of which is the self-control and poise necessary to reach a steady state of inner stability, is the symbol of the day at Libra 10°. And anybody who’s anybody knows this is the key to living life, if not to life itself. Self-control is an important, shall we say, skill? to master. It is easier to ace this ability the less we are bombarded by the kind of need that comes from negative conditioning or trauma slash undue desire, not to be confused with the true brand. This symbol would be ruled by Capricorn in a twelve-fold sequence and the idea of finding a “haven” is endemic to that sign.

In Sextrology, we speak of one of the modern archetypes of the Capricorn (male) as being C.K. Dexter Haven, the character portrayed by (Capricorn) Cary Grant in the movie The Philadelphia Story. He is quintessential Cary in that he is the main hearthrob, but he’s been through it. He was a drunk, and he’s rehabilitated and remains so in the story. The out of control source of chaos (the narrow rapids) become the resource of calm—we cultivate calm not by controlling but accepting the so-called rapids of our life, seeing them as a natural rhythm. They either service us or they don’t. In other words, we are either capsized by them or we ride them until we can find a point of refuge. C.K., if you say it fast enough, is “seek”…so his name translates to: seek dexter haven; dexter meaning “right” as opposed to sinister which means “left” or “wrong”.

Whenever we see water it is safe to say we are dealing with emotions, the canoe being our vessel of emotional being that we’ve carved out for ourselves in coping with more volatile times and conditions. The source of the water (emotions) can be tumultous and we might find ourselves in tight and rocky situations, but this is how we develop our own resource. The so-called opposite signs of Cancer (cardinal water) and Capriocorn (cardinal earth) are symbolized by a source and by resource, Capricorns energy being that calm mountain lake—the emblem is a sea-goat which embodies the watery depths but is equipped to scale those mountains. A haven, like Shangri La, would be characterized as some lakeside resort in the mountains. Resort, retreat, relief, resource, reserve—these are all Capricorn words.



Can we see our troubled emotional times as having not only let out onto a calm retreat but have been the creator of it? Can we see our own inner resource as having been developed and preserved via the rushing emotionality of our past experience. Are we more self-preservational, reserved and even retreating as a result of having been in the rapid swim in our lives. I think the answer to these questions is found in your own reservoir of being, proving that navigating your own emotions is tantamount to developing your own spirituality.

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