Three “Old Masters” Hanging On The Wall Of A Special Room In An Art Gallery is the image at Libra 9°. Is it me or are we talking a lot about “masters” lately? Also I’ve been spending tim in art galleries which I rarely do which is also fun. As I’m writing this I’m sitting in just any old cafe in France. I contacted just a handful of friends to let them know I was here. They both texted me within this hour to see if I could meet tonight; and as I was walking in one door of cafe, the third friend, who hadn’t contacted me, entered in through the other door. That’s right, just try not to see me. Savoir Faire Is Everywhere. He wasn’t trying not to see me but it’s been difficult. You may remember I mentioned just a few days ago, and a couple of times earlier in the year, that this longtime friend of mine and me had a partying of the ways because he’s a [censored] with the worst [censored] under the sun. Well I know this French friend I just bumped into through that [censored] as they were once boyfirends, and for quite a long time. It’s been a most synchronic, vibey last twenty-four hours as it is, Paris having reaffirmed my faith in the magic path. I haven’t for a very long time felt so acutely the sense that I am meant to be exactly where I am. Fittingly this oracle is ruled by Sagittarius in a twelve-fold sequence which always opens that third eye perspective—the number three being central to this image. I don’t think Stella will mind me telling you too, that she had this dream while here that she existed in three different dimensions, that there were indeed three of her embodied in one. I reassured her that she is a triple goddess.

So the scholarly interpretation of this image is: the need to return to source during a confused search for new value in a chaotic society. Source is just another word for Paris, right? Well right now it is for me. But this isn’t all about me (ahem). To wax universal, there are always moments in our lives that focus on re-grounding ourselves in great achievements of the masters—symbolized by the work of those masters. I like to consider Sextrology a masterwork of sorts. I’m always encouraged by the number of people who haven’t read it, not only because it means more potential sales for me—wee hee—but because we put a good six years of our lives into that book, sacrificing everything else, to truly evolve the genre and come up with something new. It has been a great success but at a great cost because the publishing industry, and our publishing house in particular, is made up of a lot of sick people. Remember, we were published by Harper Collins, which is ruled by Rupert Murdoch in an asshole-fold sequence. And it trickled down. So it was a bitter sweet experience and we alienated a lot of these tunnel visionaries by telling them what we were going to accomplish with that book. They laughed and snickered. They tried to fuck us over at every turn. They lied, they cheated, pretty much about everything. And don’t get me started on agents or as we call them: “people who lie for a living.”

Okay but back to today’s oracle…I was talking about the need to reground ourselves in the great achievements of the past and, in a narcissistic moment, I took this in an personal achievement direction, which I think is valid. So too is mining the past for the great works of our ancestors which, in my case, would be those who have sacrificed themselves to the Theatre and also to keeping the notion of Metaphysical practices alive in a world that is becoming increasing two-dimensional and kardasian. All the more reason for us to embrace our multidimensionality, something for which Stella’s subconscious is advocating. “Esoteric traditions speak of a three-fold soul, or of the fundemental rays—of power, love-wisdom and intelligence-in-action,” says Dane Rudhyar. “meditation, inits deepest sense, is a return to source—an attempt to re-identify oneself with one’s archetypal essence of being, which is triune in manifestation, after confused but challenging wanderings , to identify oneself consciously with this essence.” Boy, he’s good.

And yes the great moments by masters of the collective past do inspire us individually to be the greatest versions of ourselves specificially in the initiating of new beginnings. These new beginnings, though ideological, will be more sound than the tried and true routines via with which we have run ourselves into the ground. The energy of this Sabian Symbol is one of “Transfiguration”. In order to create, or rather be the seed of the future, one must invoke the past in the process. Moses and Elijah were invoked in Jesus’ transfiguration. We don’t live in a linear cosmos, folks; everything is cyclic, especially the continuity of spirit. “This is the notion behind apostolic succession or gurampara—an uninterrupted chain of gurus in the Indian tradition.”

So whom are you invoking in your embodiment of a new form of self?


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