Under a twelve-fold rulership of Aquarius, A Seeker After Occult Knowledge Is Reading An Ancient Scroll Which Illumines His Mind is the Sabian Symbol at Virgo 29°. This is about realigning with primordial Revelation of the Truth of Man; and if you’re a follower of Starsky + Cox then you know that the words Revelation and Truth are Aquarius biggies! It’s not enough to break things down and seize power as was portrayed by yesterday’s oracle. After such crisis, overcoming static situations and the status quo, we must tap the most essential realities of what we represent and what we signify, lest we just live in a shadow state of what we overcame.religious-jew-reading-the-scroll-of-the-law

Think of Obama bopping in after Bush. It’s not just a matter of being like, hey, we are a new order. No. He had to keep speaking to our essential, better nature. It had to be hit home time and again (and still it hasn’t infiltrated some numb skulls). Rudhyar tells us, in occult teaching that there actually is something called the Pattern of Man that can be tapped into, especially, after we experience crisis. Though it is always the same, at each new cycle, it manifests in a different light and manner. In short we’ve got to get down to the nitty gritty to annihilate  every itty bitty piece of outmoded constructs that had previously paralyzed us.


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