Aries 5° (March 25)

The day will end with a wee bite at Fanizzi. Mussels, mashed and Caesar sans croutons. Tried chatting with D+N but they are in Delhi and the WhatsApp wasn’t really working. Have a client in the late afternoon who is based in London so it will be evening her time. 

Funny that the zodiac has never dropped out of human consciousness. Even though astrology, which was bound together with astronomy and remained a serious subject of study dating from the founding of the first medieval universities through to the Enlightenment, was at that point discredited as “non-scientific”, still the zodiac found a new way, if a novelty one, to remain a feature in popular culture, continuing to draw our interest, beckoning us to decode its true purpose and potential meaning in our lives. You might say that, as a “living” mandala for existence, the zodiac, like some other fabled “ring of power” has a will of its own, wanting to be be found where it has remained for millennia, right under our noses.

Of course, there have always been small circles of esotericists, to coin a term, who explored the more arcane reasons for the zodiac’s persistent presence and purpose in our lives, but never in modern times has the zodiac been employed as a practicable mainstream system for self-improvement or personal fulfillment, but for one exception: Friends, clients and audience members have heard me joke for some years, now, that: The zodiac, with its twelve signs and astrological houses, is in fact “the original twelve-step program”. But, in all seriousness, I encourage you to compare AA’s twelve steps with that of the energies and attributes of each of the corresponding twelve signs and the myriad aspects of their astrological houses, I think you’ll discover their similarities to be in no way specious or mere coincidence, specific notions of  “higher power” notwithstanding. One suspects the architects of AA borrowed rather directly from the zodiacal system and based its program in large part upon it.

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