Aries 4° (March 24)

Chat with D.C. today and that will be fun. Stopped by the laundromat just to eyeball it in case I get desperate in the near future. I realize I somehow lost my hat and restaurant doesn’t have it. I know for a fact that I didn’t even wear it inside and I didn’t stop anywhere so it is a total mystery. Things things do tend to drive me crazy.

IWith Nextrology, however, I will be evolving the subject of astrology along deeper, more personally psychological and spiritual lines, ushering astrology into the personal-development space, activating astrology into a system for self-help and -actualization. At risk of sounding grandiose but, to be perfectly honest, what I realized at some point over the long years working with clients in private practice, leading up to a renewed fire to write this new book, Nextrology, I frankly believe that the true purpose of the zodiac, that symbolically intricate spiral mandala, was actually, originally designed and meant to be used as a system for self-empowerment, success and sustainable happiness. Friends, clients and audience members have heard me joke for years, now, that: The zodiac, with its twelve signs and astrological houses, is in fact the original twelve-step program. (Go ahead and compare AA’s twelve steps with that of the energy and attributes of the twelve signs and houses, and you’ll discover this is no specious notion.)

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