Aries 3° (March 23)

I will pay off my credit cards. I will vacuum (while living in one) I will correspond on the subject of insisting on being cc’d. I will input the necessary number of entries into this Blague. I will arrange a meeting with Gene and Len (vacuum, Cable, outside water? Paint? Wifi code). I will write a sample for A-Scapes. Post office and bank and Sirius and Mapfre and A-glow Petty. Categories from eating out on Wheel: Working dinner/Writing content, Outreach for Astrology, Astro planning, CMP work. Stopped by yet another new dispensary just to poke around and see what’s what. Will take myself for oysters and a raw-tuna and mango “martini” (comes with chips to scoop it all up). Took some shishito peppers home to use in an omelet.

It’s an inside-out job to the metaphysically inclined mind, as our astrological signs go to the core of who we are, in both cosmic and consequential terms, as e’er the twain shall meet.  And Nextrology will take readers by the hand in pulling the myriad threads of their personalities through toward divining desired life paths, so to spiral onward and upward. The word Next itself is primarily an imperative, a call-to-action for new choices and possibilities. On that basic level, Nextrology is the astrology of positive momentum, of getting and keeping things moving in the right direction. Nextin the title also makes a nod to what’s simply next from me, as an author who has “gone dark” for some time since writing a book, Sextrology in particular—I fantasize that, like so many fans of Willy Wonka who long shuttered his works, my own followers will be chomping at the bit for some sweet and starry, gobsmacking new goods as only I can deliver. Moreover, Next in the title speaks to dynamism, activism and agency being encoded into the astrological signs, which are not an end in themselves but means for becoming ever-better iterations of Self. Just as people have deeply recognized themselves, and experienced some a-ha revelations on that score, from reading my words and works to date, so too will they relate to new realizations I have to relate in special regard to guiding them toward and along what the reader will regard as their desired road as yet untaken which, all true things being paradoxical, can also be the path of least resistance.I like to think the first syllable of Nextrology also speaks to the fact that, in writing this book, I am evolving the subject of astrology itself. You might say this was true of Sextrology at the time, as that book dragged the subject out of the occult aisle and plopped it smack dab in the center of the zeitgeist, not to mention designer display windows—the book launched at major fashion bastions aren’t the world; Sextrology made astrology chic, stylish and sexy for the first time.

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