Aries 1-2° (March 22)

Been a shut in these past two days. Watched “A Very English Scandal” (again). Prepared to speak with S., postponed from yesterday’s date which slipped her mind. I am feeling quite productive, dealt with AAA and banking and lots of billing and then had a fairly good talk about biz with S. It is slow going through the “minutes” but we are getting there. We discussed what to do with the jewelry and also how to move forward on things. I still don’t have anything in hand from lawyers but I’m hoping there won’t be any big surprises. Cooked up a storm—chowder, oatcake batter, chicory salad (with caramelized walnuts, bleu cheese and pear)—bent on very little kitchen waste. The stress level is through the roof and I have an uneasy feeling about life in general right now. I feel wholly discarded and not only by the usual suspects. Since having a wider view of the situation, in light of social media and so forth, I have been made aware of a great many folks who fall on the other side of the aisle, which is disheartening to say the least. I watched a fascinating JT Leroy documentary. I made a giant list of things to do while I lay in bed. I am dreading going to Boston on the one hand. I will be focusing my efforts moving forward on making sure I start generating more abundance. This is going to be crucial to my mental health among other things. Anyway I have to write a few pages today.

That is to say, whatever sign you are, you are not locked in to a static, two-dimensional experience of that sign. There is agency involved, and yet just as we can pinpoint a great many static specifics about what it means to be a Virgo man or a Gemini woman, for example, we can also delineate and define such dynamics associated with any given sign by which an individual native of that sign might set and stay upon their own upward spiral toward success, fulfillment and self-actualization. This is exactly what Nextrology is determined to do.

As thoroughly detailed and “eerily accurate” (credit publication) as the book is—a major, unique selling point that has contributed to its success—Sextrology is comprised of twenty-four static snapshots, albeit intricate portraits, of the sex-signs. It answers the question: who am I? from an astrological perspective. Nextrology not only offers that much more insight into the who-am-I?, benefiting from twenty-years more of accumulated empirical knowledge since I wrote that first book, but Nextrology also answers the more burning question: what am I going to do about it? Thus Nextrology bridges into personal development activating our astrological assignations into a primary source of empowerment, offering precise guidance and prescriptions to help each of the individual twenty-four signs optimize their life-experience. Readers of Sextrology sang the book’s praises for seeing more deeply into their personalities, psyches and souls than any other astrology book ever had before—still, hitting the nail on the head for readers meant they were already aware of these things I was hammering home to them. Although the power of validation should never be underrated, I wasn’t really telling them anything about themselves they didn’t already know on some level. What they have never been told before, and what Nextrology is uniquely positioned to do, is where their natural abilities and challenges, their motivations and obstacles, their strengths and weaknesses, and positive and negative patterns stem from and how they can accentuate all the former positives and mitigate any latter negatives.

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