I don’t know my science all that well but I do believe there are instances when the title of this oracle might ring true. Within The Depths Of The Earth New Elements Are Being Formed is the Sabian Symbol at Sagittarius 8° which is (perfect!) ruled by the underground sign of Scorpio, the 8th sign in the Zodiac. Now, from what we learned in schule, the elements are basically set, all matter containing these elements. Scientists have “created” new elements by loading their nucleii with protons; and sometimes that happens “naturally” due to radiation, but basically the heaviest naturally occuring element is uranium…am I right, geeks? Okay but let’s look at this less literally.

We are talking alchemical change. And I can tell you from experience that this is highly possible—it is in fact the goal of any metaphysician worth his salt to change his or her own (for the better) and help others do likewise. And yes, “getting the lead out” is more than just getting motivated and gaining momentum; it is about removing the obstacles, the impediments, to your being your most golden self. And, trust me on this, most impediments are conditioning you experienced at a very tender age that lodged in your subconsious (realm of Scorpio) and keep you from being who you truly are. So when people ask me what I do for a living, well, I actually don’t tell them that (while that’s mostly what I do do—loving any opportunity to type do do). And here’s why this is not only Scorpio at its root (if you’re a fan you’ll know that was nearly a pun) but so totally Sagittarian. Sagittarius is about shapeshifting. On the shadow side, it does factor into those lizard kings you’ve heard conspiracy theorists (who me?) go on about—Jim Morrison, the self-professed ironical Lizard King was a Sagittarius—but, you see, the Centaur really could take any form. It’s just that being man on top and horse on bottom probably had certain advantages. It might not be easy to make new elements but we can do it!, and at any moment, within ourselves.

Before I knew I was something of a metaphysician, denying all psychic ability in the process, I used to alight on spontaneous meditations, one of which entailed (embracing science!) getting into the head that I was made of matter which was made up of energy. And so I would just get my consciousness set on the purely energetic level of myself. There is no better way to tap into what physically ails you , and exactly where, than this meditation—if I felt a pain or a tear or something amiss in my physicality I would “sew it up” with golden threads. Having been in innumerable car accidents dating back to youth, there is always some point where a bone broke or a ligament tore or where I sustained a wound, requiring gads of stitches. And it’s usually that place that requires some alchemical treatment with my magical gold thread. Then I started taking it a step further. I began “bathing” my entire being in liquid golden light, imagining (as best I could) every single solitary cell in my body being washed with this liquid gold. There is no better spa treatment I can tell you. Try it.


Anyway, all this to talk about how real alchemy can be achieved, through the power of the (Sadge-ruled) higher mind that think-imagines or creatively visualizes or whatever turn of phrase you care to use. Then we can go a step further and make an intention with, say, that golden liquid light, suffusing it with (must be a noble!) purpose that is for the benefit of all beings. In other words if I suffuse the liquid gold with goodness or forgiveness or compassion or even confidence or health or resilience or fortitude, so long as these singular intentions are in the service of all…and the All…then one might find themselves transforming. There are other fun things one can do as well. One can suffuse this creative visualization with beauty; not for vanity sake, but so to be your most beautiful, perfect, spiritual in-and-out Self. Dang if people won’t ask you if you’ve had any work done. For reals.

Sagittarius is the mutable-fire sign, lest we forget. And it is an alchemical fire which purifies and transforms the very substance of man’s inner life. Being conditioned by influences in our youth already did create an alchemical transformation. If a child is left in a crib with no interaction there is no postive transformative, fire for instance. And, as a good deal of our conditioning might have been considered less-than positive, there comes a time when we have to purify ourselves in the fire of our own being. We must rise above the circumstances of our conditioning as we did down to root out those impurities in our alchemy. I believe this is one meaning of the mudra, one had extending up, one hand down, as above so below, even within our own chemistry. Above can mean our own higher mind which is leading the charge in changing our alchemy, and so, with that vision (mine is golden liquid and threads) we meditatively enter our own microcosmic world of swirling energy and see what we can find, loosen, eradicate and free! Love, that Cupid knocking in the previous symbol, will, in one fell swoop, inspire spontaenous alchemical change. When we feel love, we have love to give. Aint nothing wrong with that. It leads to compassion. We are spiritually mutating and indeed speciating along an upward spiral when our alchemy is purified. Sometimes it is purified in the humbling fires of our trials and tribulations. Suffering is inevitable, as Stella (or someone) says, whilst pain is a choice. The point is that our nature can change and we can be the main instrument for that change—it doesn’t have to happen to us via accident of falling madly in love. We can recognize the baser elements within ourselves, can we not, and make those changes accordingly. I know this sounds a bit nuts to some but I find it hard to accept cigarette smokers as being spiritual. We all do a lot of things that aren’t good for us; but somehow that one really takes the cake because there really is nothing about a cigarette that we can argue for positively. There may be benefits to good wine or a good bud. But I am seriously digressing. I should have stopped a few sentences ago. The point is we can be reborn of our own selves. We are self-gestating!

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