The symbolism of A Mother Leads Her Small Child Step By Step Up a Steep Stairway, which is today’s oracle, at Sagittarius 9° ruled by Sadge in a twelve-fold sequence, is that of a more evolved being leading those less evolved. That old chestnut. Kidding. Sort of. The thing is that human evolution isn’t possible unless everyone gets on the trip. Individual enlightenment might be had, to some degree, but guaranteed that, if you do achieve it, you’re going to feel compelled to turn others on to your revelations. Otherwise they are pretty meaningless, n’est ce pas? We need the rest of the people to get with the program and solve certain problems we may’ve long sinced aced. Social living isn’t, quite literally, natural. A staircase represents aspiration that doesn’t come naturally to the child who couldn’t have built it. The adults (evolved ones) have built it; so, by rights, it’s their responsiblity to help the spiritual child scale them. A few days back we saw a baby take it’s first steps—that is natural and would occur without any guidance. This is a different story (ha, ha get it?). I think of the staircase much the way I think about the bow and arrow; they represent a cetain leap in cultural evolution. The missile and the skyscraper weren’t far off, really, from those inventions.

Responsiblity to others, though, is what’s central here. I often wonder in what ways human kind were guided by more evolved beings. Yes of course I believe in evolution; and I know how alike we are to the next beings with whom we share the most dna, the chimpanzee. But I look at the differences too and wonder how it is that we have leaped so far ahead of other animals. Is it possible that we did have some kind of special assist? I think of Prometheus and other godlike creatures in mythology whose nature it was to bring the caveman out of darkness by literally pasing him a torch. Light. Enlightenment. By the same token, “the lightbringer” has been demonized. Was Lucifer (whose name means lightbringer) synonymous with Prometheus and just got a bad rap—I mean, it didn’t end well, eternally, for Prometheus either. If I’m not mistaken Prometheus is forever bound and daily has his liver eaten out by an eagle—the eagle, of course, is Zeus’ animal totem for it was he who sentenced Prometheus to this fate. So what’s the deal? Who’s the bad guy here? Zeus or Prometheus? God (for lack of a better name) or Lucifer?

I think I jumped the shark tank. We were talking about mothers and children. Awwwww.



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