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Rants on the Heating in a Lousy Apartment (that looked great!) in Boston’s Back Bay….


Please find attached copy of your invoice from Heating Company name TK

As the technicians explained to us, and as the invoice notation reiterates, there was no heating flowing from our vents due to neglect in cleaning your filters, resulting in freezing conditions.
Sickly ironically, as the technicians explained to us: the heating unit thus struggled to generate heat to satisfy the thermostat setting which resulted in bills of upwards of $600 per month and more.
By your own (documented) admission, the heat/electricity in the apartment “should cost” no more than $100, though you set the figure more at $60 per month.
As stated in my previous email to you, we are willing to be generous and double your estimation and pay an already exhorbitant $200 per month of each of the bills we received this winter.
As the electricity is in our name, we have paid these bills to the electric company. And we have paid our rent in full, withholding nothing from the rent amount due to you as landlord.
We are demanding reimbursement, however, in the sum of TK to be made payable to us immediately.
It is well documented by the Tk Company that we a) had inadquate heat and b) were slapped with astronomical electric-heating bills as a total result of your neglect to service the heating unit.
We demand that you deliver us a check for this reimbursement by TK Date. Again, we feel we have been generous in absorbing $200 per month of these charges.
There is no way that you can compensate us for the fact that we had to live in a frozen ice box of an apartment due to your gross neglect.
Although we have clear documentation that we alerted you to this heating problem in January; while you dragged your feet and did nothing to remedy this until March 9.
I mean this most sincerely: If we don’t receive the reimbursement we’ve demanded by the date specified, we will be seeking legal action and damages for every aspect of your neglect as landlord. 
Given that unhappy inevitability, we will also seek compensation for all legal fees accumulated in that process.


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